12x DVD-Ram - Will it ever be available?


Does any1 know when these discs will be available in Germany? Since I use my H10N mainly for backups, this feature is pretty important to me.

Or is it possible that it will never be released here?

according to this topic @ CDRLabs: No 12 DVD-RAM for europe the answer is ‘never’ :sad:
(credit goes to dakhaas).

Maxell believes only the Japanese are smart enough to know the difference between 5X max. RAM and the new 12X flavours. They are afraid it would just confuse us North American and Europeans.
You know maybe they’re right. If I ask any clerk at my local Circuit City, Comp USA, Best Buy etc. if they could please stock 5X DVD-RAM they just look at me and go, “Huh”?

That’s a disappointment. Do you know an Asian online store which has these discs in stock and delivers to Europe?

Never: http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/77464


This should probably go in the blank media forum. It’s more to do with the media than the writer. moved

I think Amazon Japan stocks media (http://www.amazon.co.jp) but I can’t read Japanese so I can’t figure out how to navigate around the site to find DVD media. Whether they have 12x DVD-RAM media for sale, I’m not sure.

That is really bad news… :frowning:

The market situation in Europe, especially in Germany, is not healthy. It is flooded with B-grade cheap crap. So Maxell doesn’t have to bother.
Most people would choose Platinum over Verbatim even if they were sold for the same price here. :frowning:

I hope our friends at Disc Impex can do something about it.

I didn’t see any 12x DVD-RAM when I searched. What’s more, on all of the media there is a disclaimer that it cannot be shipped outside of Japan :a

LOL that’s funny

Amazon.de also ships blank media only within Germany.

Amazon.jp will ship some things outside of Japan, but it seems for tech-related items there is a restriction to shipping within the country only.

Well I won’t say never yet. But it will be hard.
However incase of america/Canada it looks like someone is trying to get a limited ammount of these for sale.

It would be possible to ship from canada to europe but it does have some nasty shipping costs.

It’s disappointing to learn that the manufacturers are too lazy to set up another page in the style of dvdrwservices.com and dvdhs.com (not dhdhs! in joke), a rarely updated site with old firmware updates already surpassed long ago, giving no info to the not-tech-savvy.
But the EMEA zone indeed is full of dumbasses never upgrading their firmware and not reading the warning notices.

You can find the Maxell DVD-RAM 12x at Amazon Japan here: http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B000EZL424/sr=8-11/qid=1157087766/ref=sr_1_11/250-5075032-7237027?ie=UTF8&s=gateway

Thanks, but unfortunately, they do not ship outside Japan :frowning:

Akibang will sell overseas from Japan. They also carry the 12x RAM. I dont know if they sell in small quantities but you could at least try. You also could try to import huge amounts of the 12x RAM to your country and try to sell them.
The order form can be found here:
but their english is not good at all…well the order form at least gives that impression…

If someone imports them to germany at all, I’d like to get some :slight_smile:

It really is a shame that 12x capable drives are advertised here, but no appropriate media is available :frowning:



It were not that bad if they were only advertised… but they are available already…