12x DVD-RAM media

It appears we can buy an LG H10A here in the USA and crossflash to H10N. The primary reason for me doing that would be for the 12x DVD-RAM writing. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any way to purchase the 12x media here on this side of the pond. Does anyone know of any place that would sell them here. Or, possibly, would someone over in an area that sells them be willing to purchase some for us USA folks and ship them over here? Thanks in advance!

Who did crossflash an 10A to an 10N successfully?

Have I missed that one??



Thanks, ET!

I’ll have to take a close look about this - didn’t recognize it so far…

You’re welcome. :flower:

I’m curious too… I’ve just ordered a H10A, but I don’t know when it’ll arrive, and most of all I don’t know when I’ll be able to find 12x DVD-RAM media here! :doh:



Nobody outside of Japan seems to be able to get hold of 12x DVD-RAM media. Maybe Kenshin can find it in Korea.

Sorry for the dumb question, but do someone have an idea of the price?

12x dvd-ram in the US…opticstor.com

$13.99 not to bad…

It costs 1/3~1/2 of a drive. :eek: I guess 5X RAM would be my choice … :doh:

wow 13 bucks methinks i will just stick with my $1 2-3x panasonics

12x… I can’t even find 5x very often anywhere locally, and the shipping isn’t worth it. I mainly just stick to the 3x I can find in my city.

Panasonic.com + Club Panasonic + 3 pack of 5x discs = $7.99 shipped :wink:

Naturally 2x and 3x discs are even cheaper - 2x discs are $1 each, 3x discs are as cheap as $20 per 15, $30 per 25.

That’s what i got. I’d like to get some 12X but does anyone use this 12X Maxell branded ones?

has anyone noticed any other 12x -ram discs online?


Yes, in .jp

There’s Imation 12x DVD-RAM in Asia too.

ordered two maxells from jp, will see how it goes :slight_smile: