12x DVD-RAM = 16x DVD+-RW :)

(I’m pessimistically optimistic about DVD-RAM).

The specs below for the Samsung SH-S182D show that 12x DVD-RAM is equivalent to 16x DVD±RW. That makes DVD-RAM technology twice as fast as DVD±RW because the latter is only at 8x speed. Cool! It would be great, IMO, if DVD-RAM became the definitive data media for PCs. That would help users greatly I think since burning data discs is so cumbersome without native OS support, not to mention that the other media (especially the write-once media) is not as reliable. Users haven’t had a decent way to exchange data on removable media since the floppy disk (way too long). There still may be some confusion though as to whether to use FAT or UDF though.

Media Type Write Read

DVD+R 18X (24.3MB/sec) 12X (16.2MB/sec)
DVD+R Double 8X (10.8MB/sec) 8X (10.8MB/sec)
DVD+RW 8X (10.8MB/sec) 8X (10.8MB/sec)
DVD-R 18X (24.3MB/sec) 12X (16.2MB/sec)
DVD-R Double 8X (10.8MB/sec) 8X (10.8MB/sec)
DVD-RAM 12X (21.6MB/sec) 12X (21.6MB/sec)
DVD-RW 6X (8.1MB/sec) 8X (10.8MB/sec)
DVD-ROM - 16X (21.6MB/sec

Just bear in mind that with the verification that happens when writing to DVD-RAM the effective write speed is halved.

You can turn it off in some cases.

So I’ve heard. Any idea how for LG4163B, NEC4570 or Pio 111? I’d be keen to try.

Maybe some people using both one of the Super Multi drives and Panasonic DVD-RAM drives know it in details. I have had only one 3x DVD-RAM and one 5x DVD-RAM media just for tests of drives and firmware so had little interest in turning the verification off. Never tried successfully either. Last time I read about it was with some CD Speed versions and GSA-4163B. At least, LG guys were not interested in it either.

I think it is of key importance for the DVD-RAM technology to stay on par with DVD±RW, speed-wise, otherwise even though it is decidedly better for computer data use, the non-IT guys will use the authoring technologies for data (sigh). (It’s probably not appropriate to call DVD±RW “authoring technologies” as they are not these spiral written CD-R-like things, right?). Realize though that DVD±RW is only at 8x speed currently (equivalent to 12x DVD-RAM with verify on).

A question I have about 12x DVD-RAM is did they give up some of the rewritability of the media to get the speed increase and if they did, how much of it (?).

Well, considering that it’s P-CAV… yes, maybe, the average speed.

I guess the time to write a whole disk should probably be the guage. That would take into account all the variables (standardized optical disc read/write specification anyone??). The key though is that the technology just be on par with competing technologies, rather than “1 MPH” faster.

Disabling the verify function is possible, but apparently only in CDSpeed when doing tests (create disc, trt) rather than in actual use. I’m not sure how it is actually done though.

As for burn time, see here :

5:40 is faster than most drives that write 16x using CAV.

Yes, CDs or DVDs that work like floppies or hard drives are way overdue. It’s bizarre that after all this time, they still don’t completely replace floppies, unless you are a computer guru.

When OS and BIOS manufacturers support this stuff we will finally be able to completely forget about floppies.

In the meantime I doubt DVD-RAM will be of much benefit to me. I just use DVD+RW, but I’m hoping it will become a standard.