12X DVD+R media



Has anyone seen or heard of any legitimate 12X DVD+R media yet? I don’t mean 8X stuff being successfully burned at 12X, but rather media specifically labeled 12X?


Bob Shem


There won’t be any real 12x media as there are no official specifications for this speed. 16x will be next.


OMG, here we go again, same thing as before!!!

I remember when people were asking “Are there any real 8X out there?”
What diffrence does it make if it’s 8X or 12X, if you burner can push a 8X to 12X then just use that.


As if to prove the point, I recently found an old unused Emtec (formerly BASF) 16x CD-R.

I placed it my 712A and burned the full CD at 48x (and why the hell not!)

The resulting PlexTools Q-Check C1/C2 results were better than I get with dedicated 48x media from Verbatim! :eek:


Thats perfectly normal. I feel as if the older CD-Rs were of better quality than the most new ones. I had a bunch of 24x CD-R “Sony” labelled. They had much less C1 than Verbatim DataLife+ 52x.


The reason I asked is because I tried to burn a three gig video file on some Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD+R at 12X and found that the last part of the video (where it was burning at 12X) became jerky. When I burned a subsequent copy at 8X the resulting video was perfect. It would be nice to have a disk that burns properly rather than not knowing if the disk is OK until I have a chance to test it.

Do you have any idea when the 16X media might be available?

Do you think that 16X media in a PX-712A would burn OK at 12X?


Verbatim announces 16x DVD+R media!


Apparently is comming around September, and is going to be backwards compatible with existing units.


Already posted a few days ago here on the CDF News Page

And CMC/Ritek’s entry:


Thanks guys,

I am an infrequent visitor to this most excellent forum, so I missed the earlier posting, thanks for replying.

Hopefully the Verbatim 16X media will be as good as they say.

Bob Shem


TY 16x DVD+R won’t be so far either but by then the value of a used PX-712A will have come close to US$50.


Ain’t that the truth! Computer components don’t grow old, they just get replaced every six months or so. My first computer - a Pentium 120 with 16 megs of EDO RAM - cost me $4800. Now you can buy the same $1100 processor in the junk bin at Computer Renaissance for a buck.


Here in Germany Speerdata offers DVD+R 12x.

I have seen them for a while in different shops around here.

But I have no ide what the Media Code for these DVD+R are.


Yeah, but with the German/US exchange rate it probably only calculates out to 8X. You know, the metric/American conversion . . .



If you calculate that way it is at least 36x in America :cool:


I know the Metric/Imperial system, and the writespeed of DVD’s does not involve this.

Plextor’s 8x DVD+R is also marked with 12x.

DVD+R with the following media code can be burned at 12x


Besides there are at the moment, NO official media specifications for the 12x speed.


PRODISC R03 will also burn at 12x very well.