12x BD-Writer LiteOn iHBS112



It seems that the LiteOn iHBS112 is on the way to us. I found two versions: iHBS112-37 and iHBS112-29, difference is maybe only the location

BD-R SL 12x / BD-ROM 8x / DVD+R 16x / +R DL 8x / +RW 8x / -R 16x / -R DL 8x / -RW 6x / CD-R 48x / 12X DVD RAM
Further information is welcome :slight_smile:


Asus BW-12B1LT and Plextor PX-B950SA will also release soon. I guess those are Liteon iHBS112 clone.


morecomputers.com is listing 08/06/2010 as their “restock” date for the Lite-On. No info from other sellers.


It’ll be interesting to see the burn quality on this one. If it’s similar to the iHAS524, AND it’s a quality Blu-ray scanner, I’m in. My particular iHES208 shows lots of pretty colors no matter what type of disc is burned on any burner.


I’ve got another information from the WWW, it can read 16x DVD-ROM and 48x CD-ROM. Amazing. :bigsmile:
If this new Asus writer is a clone of the IHBS112, I guess both should have the same functionality. I don’t know much about BD drives, but the [U]features[/U] of the [U]Asus writer[/U] sounds good to me: DVD-upscaling, one-click 2D-to-3D conversion, and 6x BD-RE LTH sounds pretty fast.
And the price looks good so far in my opinion.
But 1 month to wait. :Z
I need a review.


Yesterday was speculation time, now everything is officially confirmed:

Asus BW-12B1LT and LiteOn iHBS112 / iHBS212 have different write speeds (Asus BD-R DL 12x, LiteOn BD-R DL 8x), so I guess they’re shouldn’t be clones.

Bulk version iHBS112 “is already available”


And the price looks good so far in my opinion.
But 1 month to wait. :Z[/QUOTE]

Nope - it’s at newegg already. :clap:



Yeah, now there should come reviews very soon. There are so many hardware sites on the web, reviews should be there within a few days in my opinion and I hope, they will do some quality tests.


I’d be happy with a 10x bd burner that could break the $100 price point…
Good thing there is some new competition making it’s way to get price points lower. Apparently the drop in hard drive prices have hit a low-price wall (for the time being).


Price fight between LiteOn IHBS112 and LG BH10LS30 should start right now. 100€ should be possible this year.

The first very small customer review is online:

Well, I don’t know… That’s not really an euphoric reaction. Maybe it needs one more generation to get a very good price/performance ratio. There are so many chances at the moment, 3D, LTH, Speeds become faster,… A fast burner, that is 100% compatible with this new technologies and with good quality scan results and some scan capabilities for 100€ would be fine… Waiting some more months could be clever, I guess…


Well the iHBS112 will be reviewed as soon as i will reassemble my PC :o


cool :slight_smile:
Some quality scans would be awesome.


spec sheet for ASUS BW-12B1LT: http://www.computex.biz/photo/images/company/348/201042213284945370.pdf


And to complete it, here is the spec sheet for the IHBS212:

So they aren’t clones, there are too many differences.


I wonder if lite-on improved their quality build finally, probably not.


Built quality looks ok, burn quality on dvd’s so far is also very good.


Looks like the ASUS BW-12B1LT is the one to go with as the LiteON does not appear to have LTH burning technology? I saw one user review that his
LiteOn IHBS112 could not burn Verbatim BD-R 2X LTH type media.
I can not find a release date for ASUS BW-12B1LT.


[QUOTE=vroom;2527056]Built quality looks ok, burn quality on dvd’s so far is also very good.[/QUOTE]

does the build quality look like previous lite-on drives? it would have to much better to be considered ok.


If you expect quality like the old true plextor drives or the pioneer then you will be disappointed.
The tray looks more solid, also it doesnt do any strange noises when the drive opens or closes, but only time will tell how good the built quality was.


[B]Lite-On IHBS112-37[/B] - [B]£117[/B] @ http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/Lite-On-IHBS112-37-x12-BD-R-x8-DVDDL-x16-DVDR-x6-DVDRW-Writer-OEM-plus-Software

its a shame it can only read from BD-R and BDROM discs at 8x for SL and DL :frowning: was hoping for atleast 10x.


ChiefValue has the drive for $139.99 with free shipping. They’re a spin-off of NE.