128gb microsdxc $49.99 a/r free shipping



Pretty good deal, Tiger direct has the 128gb micro sdxc cards with sd adapter for $59.99 + $10 MIR and free shipping.

here’s the linky


don’t wait too long, this deal won’t last… they’ve been gong for $80+ recently. I’m hoping it will return for $40 or less on black friday (November).


Is that free shipping to abroad as well?
It’s important to mention.
That’s a pretty good deal anyways i will look into it.


Ok I tried reading about shipping to UK on the shipping policy page with no success will keep updated.

[RIGHT]time clock[/RIGHT]


it’s better to try geting products IN country… especilaly with UK, as your VAT & import duties could kill any bargain!

I’m sure there are some loopholes with various carriers who pay a flat duty tax on all shipped goods and roll it into the shipping cost making it a better value.

I remember once sending a hershey chocolate bar via USPS to a friend in the UK and they were worried about import duty… possibly making it not worth recieving. It turned out ok, but the bar was partially melted (late spring), but edible, lol.