125th comic - a new Blindwrite bug

Heya everybody,

this week is over… but we still got this new comic for all of you to enjoy! :iagree: :iagree: :bigsmile: - seem’s like Jon is having some Blindwrite trouble again!

Here we go:

Next week will be the last comic week… for this year … but more will come next year!

We have a poll again! PLEASE VOTE!

Alex “Rylex”

Hehe… voted for some christmas comics Alex.

That had to be one giant bug. :eek: :eek:

That must be one major Blindwrite bug jon found there. They should put him on a retainer the amount of bugs he finds.

This is the most stupid thing Ive seen in a while. Is it supposed to be funny or what?

@boobytrap - there are lots of people, who like the comics and some of them who don’t…
I will not offense your way of thinking - it’s always good to get feedback (either good or bad)… that will help me improve the comics.

I’ve seen you asked in another thread why the name “Blindwrite” was mentioned in this thread even if the comic was not directly linked to Blindwrite… well you need to read all comics before you will understand that! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way — are you new in this forum? Well I see more than 400 posts on your account… so you haven’t seen the comics before I think… :iagree:

I shouldnt have been so harsh. Thats my opinion, but still, I shouldnt have voiced it so strongly. You have my apologies.

@boobytrap… hey it’s ok for me! I’m not angry about you because I really think feedback is feedback and if somebody doesn’t like a comic it’s ok! :wink:

You might understand that it’s really a bit difficult after more than 200 comics to find some new ideas… so there might be some comics that are not that good … but some that still rock! I hope you enjoy the future comics!

…I will do my best for the last comics… so stay tuned :wink: :slight_smile: