125Gb on a disc!

I just posted the article 125Gb on a disc!.

Right now, putting 4,7Gb on a single (sided) disc sounds quite cool. Due to fast internet connections, MP3 collections are growing and growing so the numbers of CDR’s being used increase all the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2507-125Gb-on-a-disc.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2507-125Gb-on-a-disc.html)

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This new method maybe ok for storage but not pratical for audio cd, VCD’s, Game and Apps CDR’s. It would be worth it if standard cd readers could read the disc too. Might as well buy a DVD-R or DVD-Ram if you just need more storage space and CDR’s aren’t making it anymore. This tech is a little too late…

The future is FMD - not blue laser (thus not backwards compatible) crap www.fmdinsider.com

WAMO (Warner) is getting involved with Constellation-3D (together with Toolex & Plasmon) and will be pushing FMD for movie content … this is pretty big as WAMO also pushed DVD into the movie market. And FMD players will be backwards compatible (DVD & CD)!

Wow - 100 DivX:-) movies on one disk. Cool. That’s a awful lot of popcorn needed. Maybe even 100+ hours of romantic music while I am with my girl - better get the Viagra ready…Seriously, I had a dream that the future was in those little mini-cdr’s - perhaps a combination of the new technology & the small disk can make for a viable option.

I just read the info on FMD. Sounds very promising. I think the FMD technology will make way for the future of Holographic interaction & entertainment. I think Holographic communication is held back by the limited media data capacities at this time. But FMD & this new technology discussed in this posting are very interesting - can you say “error rate” ? - I wonder how many text files I can create in Notepad & store on an FMD disc?

Only wonder how to write a disc on-the-fly :d

This is great - if they don’t spend too long on it. DVD-R, DVD-RAM disks are still expensive and rare - I even have problem trying to buy those media. It is not even worth buying the DVD media. You may as well buy cheap harddisks :(. With FMD is the media the same as CDR/RW ? If so, great, more pounds/MB of space.