123 DVD Copy

Hey, I have 123 DVD Copy. Actually, I had it, but I recently uninstalled it.

Before I restarted my machine, everything was working fine as far as my DVD player was concerned. However, after rebooting, my drive recognizes that a CD or DVD is in, but no other software will play it.

The one exception to this is VLC; if I go into VLC and open a DVD manually, it will play it. But again, nothing else will.

I’ve actually had this happen to me on 2 different desktops, because I uninstalled 123 DVD Copy on both before I realized there was a problem.

I was told that 123 DVD Copy sometimes removes other software when it’s uninstalled. I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me exactly what software it removed. I have my guesses, but I was looking for someone who might know exactly what I’m talking about.


The softwares that use to work before you uninstalled 123 dvd copy why don’t you just re-install them :bigsmile:

BTW…I also have 123 dvd copy no longer installed though cause it is out dated and no longer supported :rolleyes:
the disc is sitting on the rack collecting dust :eek:

When I said my software doesn’t work, I mean [I]all[/I] dvd/cd playing software. As far as everything I have installed is concerned, it’s a blank disk in the drive. This includes Windows Media Player and Handbrake.

And let me throw in a preemtive no, it’s not a cd/dvd problem, because I’ve tried several of them and, like I said in the previous message, it was working before I uninstalled 123 DVD Copy, but not after.