123 Copy Dvd work with Liteon 812s?

I have a AMD 2.0 CPU on a SK8V ( 940 ) motherboard that I built myself. I’ve been useing my Plextor ConvertX To Burn my wifes TV programs to Ritek, Ridata DVD-R, DVD-RW. Now That I’ve cleaned the DVR Box I’m ready to Back up Some of my DVD’s that the Kids watch. I Don’t like scratches on my DVD collection. I have Philpips, Sony, and Sylvania DVD players. So far I haven’t burned a single coster with Win Dvd Creator 2 software. However when I use Nero 6 to Burn I get costers every time. After 3 months of trying to get Nero to work with my Liteon 812s I’m going to switch to something eles !! Yes, I did try other firmware, DVD+Rw disks, and read differnt forum to solve my issues. I’m currently looking at 123 Copy DVD, but my DVD Burner ( Liteon 812s ) is not on the supported DVD Burns List.
So, for my first post to a forum about DVD burning I’m here to ask if 123 Copy DVD will work with my Liteon 812s Burner. ?? If you have the Liteon 812s and have a suggestion on what software to use that’s great, but if you have 123 Copy DVD and the Liteon 812s Please let me know how well it works. I’m looking for some simple software to back up my DVD’s so the kids don’t scratch my originals. I don’t need to back up any games. Sorry if my post is to Long. BTW I did search the web for 123 Copy DvD and Liteon 812s , but didn’t find any info about their compatibility.
Please, let me know if this combo works by rateing it 1 to 10 if you have both 123 Copy DVD and Liteon 812s.
Thank You for any info you can give me on this software hardware combo.

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