123 Copy Dvd work on Liteon 812s?

I have 5 computers, but the newest one is a AMD 2.0 CPU on a Asus SK8V 940 pin with 2 gigs of ram that I built myself. I spent all my money on a new computer. 123 Copy is cheap and as long as it burns back up DVD’s It’s all I need as I don’t need to back up games. But I don’t see any Liteon product in the supported Burners List. Anyone have 123 Copy DVD and Liteon 812S ? If you Do please let me know by rateing it from 1 the lowest and 10 the highest. I know alcohol 120% will work but I want a simple Program. I’m useing WIN DVD creator 2 for converting. Win DVD Creator 2 came with my Plextor Convert X Mpeg Encoder. It works every time and it’s easy to use. But it don’t back up DVD’s. I’ve converted all my Tapes and all my wifes shows from the DVR box straight to Disk. The Plextor Convert X works so well I don’t have to write to my hard drive. Now all I need is a simple program to back up my DVD’s that the Kids want to watch. I don’t want my kids scratching my DVD collection. If you know any simple easy program that will backup my DVD’s and will work with the liteon 812S Please let me know. I’ve messed with Nero 6 for 3 months now and it works fine on CD’s but no matter what firmware or settings I use, It allways gives me a coster.

I’m currently working on a review of 123 DVD Copy. The review is only about 60% done, but so far (only burnt one disc on each drive) it’s working fine with my 811S and 812S. I don’t want to say much more because it’s too early in the review process to give it a rating. If you can stand the wait, the review should be done within a couple weeks.

I highly recommend Elby CloneDVD2 and SlySoft AnyDVD for making backups of your movies and video files. Works a treat with my 451S@anything… :slight_smile:

Thank You

 This site and forum Rocks  :)   

 I will try the free trials from SlySoft while I wait for your review.

Well, lets say the review was… slightly longer then I had anticipated :wink:
Anyway, it’s now listed under reviews on the CDfreaks main page.