123 Copy Dvd problems

Hey everyone, I don’t know what is going on. When I go to burn a dvd, it reads and transcodes the dvd fine. But when it prepares to burn it, it prompts me to put in a writable dvd. I was using dvd-r’s, so I went and bought some dvd-rw’s, but it still sends me the same prompt. Can anyone tell me what is going on. 10-Q.

Hey sinister…

Need more info. What media are you using. What kind of drive do you have.

I have a phillips dvd+rw 8601 drive. And what do you mean by media?

disks. DVD-R’s or DVD+R’s and what brand.

Hey, sorry for taking so long to reply. I have memorex DVD-RW.

what are the mid codes of the disk? You can use dvd identifier or dvd decryptor to find the mid codes or there are others that will tel you what it is.

Have you considered trying Dvd Shrink and Dvd Decryptor to see if you get the same problem? They are both free and can be found at http://doom9.net They are just as good as almost everything else out there. It’s worth a try. If you need a real simple guide send me a pm

Here is a link for Decryptor

And here is one for Shrink