123 Copy DVD- movie backups made easy

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With the recent explosion of affordable DVD±RW drives on the market there are more and more people becoming interested in DVD burning. Although a DVD±RW drive is a great method for data backup many people also want to use their drive to backup their home DVD movie collection. To do this you will need DVD backup software.

One recent addition to the DVD backup scene is 123 Copy DVD. They promise to be the easiest DVD backup program yet. Today we are going to take an in-depth look and see how well the software lives up to this claim.

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/59-123-Copy-DVD--movie-backups-made-easy/](http://www.cdfreaks.com/review/59-123-Copy-DVD--movie-backups-made-easy/)

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Great review Ssseth. I´m looking forward to your next publication. Regarding the product just review I agree with the author; easy and simple. A perfect movie backup program for “beginners”.

Congratz Ssseth - keep more coming :slight_smile:

Excellent review! Very thorough! I have to say, though, that there’s another bug that I’ve contacted the company about. After installing the product, in Windows Explorer (the file manager), volume labels don’t show up anymore. In other words, if you have a CD titled “MyStuff” and you put it in your drive and open Windows Explorer it won’t show “MyStuff (D:)” anymore; it’ll show the generic “DVD-RW Drive (D:)” instead. I really dislike this, because when I place a CD or DVD in the drive I expect to see the volume label name; it’s how I confirm I’ve put the right disc in the drive. Uninstalling the software doesn’t fix this problem; I had to use System Restore to get correct volume label operation back. I also notice that any discs with autorun exe files no longer function. You will have to start such discs manually. The e-mail I sent to the company was met with a response saying support for 123 Copy DVD has passed to another organization, Globalstar Software (at www.globalstarsoftware.com). The strange thing is, Globalstar appears to be a game company and the web site doesn’t present any support options for 123 Copy DVD. Me thinks the original manufacturers of 123 Copy DVD were sued out of business. So for any newcomers to this product, I’d suggest, if you’re going to run it on a regular basis, that you create a System Restore point (and give it a specific name), install the product and run it, uninstall it, and then run System Restore to go back to the point you created previously.

I used 123 Copy DVD for about a month after some problems with installation. I had to swap my cd burner with dvd burner in as drive D to get it to work after reading cd freaks artical about not seeing the second drive. After a month I got a software update from 123 Copy DVD and the program would not reconize my DVD burner. I emailed tech support and after sending them computer information they responded,Sorry we do not garantee the program to work with your DVD burner,see list of supported drives. I have a fairly new NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG. For some reason it did work for a month and quit after the update. Since then I have found free software that works much better called DVDSHRINK. 123 COPY DVD need to support newer drives. :r

I tried to use this program. I dont know why it copies only movies without menu and any other things on DVD. :(:c. When you try to play it any DVD player it begins directly the movie.

I bought 123copydvd because on the product box it says it will copy any dvd. Their claim holds no truth. I tried to back up some movies and was able to back up about 70% of them. I wrote to tech support, and one time they ask me to download a plugin, and another time I had downloaded their upgrade. The result was that it was no better. And last time I wrote to tech support I did not get any response. I cant put all the complaint on the faulty claim 123copydvd makes. I have to put some on myself. I bought the software from Circuit City after reading the good reviews of people who dont know what they are talking about. So now I will only accept the reviews of the proffesionals like PC magazine. They recommend DVDcloner4. But dont take my word. Do your own homework.

I have a friend who has 123 copy dvd. I use Nero along with dvd shrink. He is constantly having me copy movies for him, because his 123 copy dvd won’t do the job. When it does do the job, the quality sucks, and it doesn’t include the menu due to size compression.


Umm How can i get this?? :slight_smile:

DON"T BUY THIS SOFTWARE!!! IT DOESN"T WORK AND THERE IS NO TECH SUPPORT!!! I"ve been trying to get my money back for weeks, to no avail.

This program may be free and powerful, but its VERY slow. :r :+


Thank you

I installed the trial to see for myself if it hold their claim. The program finds the source Drive but not the destination (DVD burner) drive. I was really excited about this product and ready to stop by Office Max to purchase it (I don’t like to purchase downloads). Still, searching for the DRIVE F, please insert Disc… I’m glad I saved a trip top the store and my money is still in my pocket. :r :r

Hey, you guys posting in 2008… “dee dee dee”, this was originally posted in 2004 you morons. This software was legally banned a log time ago (lost court battle) and has not been on retail shelves for a looong time. To Find out what “dee dee dee” means go to this URL, copy and paste into your web browser: http://www.comedycentral.com/motherload/?ml_video=72779
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After installing this, data/music dvd discs were not being recognised in my D or E drive, so I uninstalled this software but still left with the problems :frowning: did anyone else come across this too, and if so can anyone give me any solutions please. Also I have used spyware/virus check but nothing came up so basically this sofware screwed my computer!!! :r

If you want velocity buy a faster one ! :d I´m very happy with it !

after installing 123dvdcopy netiher my wireless connection or my sound worked correctly. there is somehting wrong with this software.