123 Copy DVD - HELP!

I purchased the 123 Copy DVD software and downloaded and installed the update patch. I have a Lite-on SOHW 1633S dvd burner and am using HP DVD+r 8x disks. I have copied some Dvd’s (not copy protected) with no problem so the software is apparently compatible with my burner and with the disks I am using. When I try to back-up other disks to my hard drive it doesn’t do it. The program goes through the motions of copying the disk and then tells me it has successfully made the copy to the hard disk. It creates a folder where I tell it to but when it finishes the folder is empty. During the process the program is actually writing to the hard drive (I can see it in Explorer) but when it finishes the folder is empty. Is there anybody out there with this software that has experienced this problem and can suggest a way to correct it? The people who made this software seem to have vanished. They do not answer questions sent to them on the internet and there is no phone number or any other way to contact them. Sorry this is so long winded but I will greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!