123 Copy DVD-does the left hand know what the right is doing?



I just posted the article 123 Copy DVD-does the left hand know what the right is doing?.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us about this interesting revelation that the Inquirer just let slip. 123 CopyDVD, a new backup software, felt if they left out a …

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I think it’s breaking the law. But I’m all for their plan. They just need to move it to a more annoymous webserver…


This piece of software on the news in your web site, I purchased this last year from PC World in the UK only then it was called X-OOM Movie Clone. And yes it was sold with the missing Mcldecrypt.dll file and the manual actually told you what the name was of the missing file and it was availble on the internet if you searched So is this software really new or has it just had a name change, I have downloaded the patch and you’ve guessed it, it’s the mcldecrypt .dll file. No words on 123s web site that they had purchased X-OOM, perhaps you guys can shed a little light on this mystery. By the way the X-OOM Movie Clone works extremley well, it does what it claims.


If it were in Canada, I would say that it is perfectly legal. It is held there that just because you make available a file, you aren’t twisting anyones arm to download and use it illegally. Each country is different however, so it’s hard to say what will happen in the U.S. It seems though that it is in a grey area here as well.
Funny you should say that. 'Cause isn’t that the same as saying you can walk into any store and take whatever you want w/o paying it 'cause nobody’s forcing you to? What does it take to bring these crooks at 321 Studio down?


No reation from 123 or X-OOM on my email about the name change from Movie clone to 123DVD Copy. I had a computer mag delivered today and in it there is a full advert for a four of X-OOMs products and Movie Clone is still one of them, or is it 123 DVD Copy now I am not sure. I will hopefully get a reply from either X-OOM or 123. Anyone downloaded this prg yet? I use it all the time, DVD X Copy is okay, but not as good a Movie clone. 321 s Games copy was just awful, I had a refund because it was that bad