1213S with Firmware TSD1 problem with DVD-9, Double Layer

Today i get my first Double Layer DVD, a Platinum Double Layer DVD+R and my Nero said media not supported, but it was recognized as DVD+R DL correctly.

After looking on the Lite-On Homepage for a new Firmware, i saw Firmware TS0D as the newest firmware but on my drive is Firmware TSD1 from 27.10.2004.

Has anyone an idea, what is the newest Firmware to the Lite-On 1213s ?

Does anyone tested Double Layer DVD’s on this drive and which labels are working with which firmware of this drive?

Am i right with my suggestion, that the firmware of my drive doesn’t support the Platinum label or perhaps i have another problem? perhaps NERO?

thank you for any answer.


Do you know how to backup the firmware?

yes, i hope so. i made the backup with the eeprom_utility. Should i send you the Firmware release TSD1 ?

You are quite close, backing up the eeprom is also a good idea :slight_smile: Use ltnfw to back up the firmware.
Do really use nero ? That version is too old to burn DL.

I am using Nero

I have the Nero 6 Reloaded and the newest update from the internet. Saving the image file for the DVD DL was no problem.

Post the media code of the DL disk. You can read it DVD Identifier.

The 1213s doesnt do DL disks.

But it can be firmware upgraded to a 1633S that does do dual-layer :slight_smile:

That is SOOOOOOO true, the best thing you can do is to flash that drive to 1653 or Whatever with the firmware from codeguys page

LOL, how could I forget :slight_smile: You can upgrade to the 1633 firmware BS0K available on the codeguys page. This upgrade will void your warranty.

The 1213s has on the blank brezel the DL Logo and the kprobe told me, that the drive burns DVD DL. Nero told me too, that the drive burns 9 GB on DL DVD and recognizes the DVD correctly as DL DVD.

I have tried to flash the firmware of the 1633S on my 1213S and now the drive seems to burn the DL DVD. My Nero is burning half an hour and 80 % of burning the DVD DL are ready.

I have bought the drive as DL-Drive and there on the Lite-On homepage there wrote the newest Firmware is 0D. On my drive is a newer Firmware. What is about the old Firmware TSD1 from my drive?

My problem, burning the 9GB-DVD is solved with the 1633-Firmware, but i am interested, what Lite-On is doing with this drive and firmware.

My first Dual Layer DVD is ready and is working correctly. I don’t know for what the Firmware TSD1 should be good. A bought the drive as dual Layer drive and with the new firmware for the 1633 Drive it is burning the Dual Layer DVD correctly.

Thanks to all for the reply’s.

Please send us the firmware backup you made with LtnFW of TSD1. You will find the email address on this page. Thanks.

If you have the DL signature on the faceplate, then it may be a 1633s. What does NeroInfo say it is?

Nero-Info told me with the orignal Firmware TSD1 it is a 1213S with DVD+R DL write supported and after the Firmware Update to BS0K that it is a 1233S.

The DVD9 from Platium (Best Media) has the Manufacturer ID RITEK D01.

For me it seems, that the DVD9 is not readable completly on all different DVD-ROM drives. I can read the Directory in the Windows-Explorer but if i try to copy the whole DVD to the disc i get some read errors. But some files are copied correctly.

How can i test the quality of the copied DVD-9 ?

I bet it says it is a 1633 :slight_smile:

How can i test the quality of the copied DVD-9 ?
Use KProbe 2.4.2, BLER scan @4x scanning speed.

of course you are right, after the firmware update from the BS0K nero-info saw a 1633S.

I have bought the driver with firmware TSD1 and nero-info told me with the original Firmware, that it was a 1213S.

The only backup i have, was made with the eeprom_utility and then i flashed the new firmware from the 1633 on my drive. So it seems, that i have no backup of the original firmware.

My DL DVD has the manufacturer ID RITEK D01.
i can read the whole DVD on my Lite-On 1213/1633.
on my DVD-ROM Samsung SD-616T the DVD is not recognized and on may Lite-ON 811S with firmware HS0C the DVD-9 is not recognized. Nero tells me to insert a Disc, when i want to see the disc-info.

How can i insert the picture from Kprobe in this message to this forum?

By using the Manage Attatchment button when posting.

Danke, hier das Ergebnis von Kprobe für meinen RITEK D01 Double Layer Rohling: