1213S, TS0C or TS0D is better?

1213S, the original firmware is TS0C, do I need to upgrade to TS0D? TS0D has any bug report?

no need to upgrade, but newer fw’s are always better. you should run the fw through omnipatcher.

“Match more media” (it doesn’t).

If you read around here, it seems that the best firmware for a 1213S is a crossflash adjusted (Omnipatcher!) 1633S or similar, BS0H (Liteon) and BWSE (Memorex rebrand) seem to be mentioned equally.

If you go strictly official, no patch, no hack, no voided warranty, then I suppose TS0D must make some improvements.

It seemed older, but it’s only September, so maybe the next Liteon site release of 1633S firmware will also be paired with a 1213S firmware of equal quality and media support.

Neither. TS0C is bad. So is TS0D. Use a 1633S firmware instead if you want something that’s halfway decent. Try BS0H. See http://codeguys.rpc1.org/oc.html