1213s to 1633s /eeprom

well if i switch to the 1633s firmware should i reset the learnt media
before i flash to the 1633s
i’ve already backed up the 1213s eeprom
please advise
i did read the info file from the eeprom it made suggestions to clear
the learnt media but do it before the flash or after upgrading

You don’t have too, if you are going to reflash.

but in case of model interchange it’s very useful, sometimes…

Yes do it, wipe the eeprom! - I’ve just done it and never thought such an improvement is possible - my +RW PIs and POs declined by 50% writing on a brand new Mitsubishi +RW. Usually the scan for this type medium is around 50 PIs and about 5 POs for me. Looks like the manufacturer is loading a generic file to the eeprom that more or less fits the individual burner.

It doesn’t matter when you do the reset.

But you should.

The reason is that learning data stored is based on the internal index of the media code as it appears in the media code table. Because of this, these internal indices never (well, almost never) change between firmwares of the same class (like going from TS05 to TS0D). But between the 1213S and 1613S/1633S/1653S, the table (and hence, the indices) were completely changed. For example, in the 1213S, YUDEN000T02 was #4, and thus its learn data was stored in position 4. But in the 1613S/1633S/1653S, position 4 is associated with MCC003 and not YUDEN000T02.

Actually, of all the crossflashes, the only ones that result in a major table indexing change are 1213S->16_3S. All other crossflashes, including _51S@832S, do not result in radical changes in the internal indexing of the media table, so the reset is necessary only for 1213S->16_3S (it might still be a good idea for other reasons for other crossflashes, but not necessary).

Thx for the detailed insight! - it would then be easier to have the matching eeprom file (16x3s) available in case of a x-flash. It would save the first learning coaster :bigsmile:

gretz,code65536 & Bronco04
well i did flash my 1213 to 1633
before i flashed it i did save the 1213’s eeprom just in case i go back to it
as so i do not have to re learn the media again :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
ok now that i have it at 1633 you both advise i should clear the learnt media correct
i’ll try that later today
also code65536 i was going to take it to 1653 but everytime i load the
firmware into omni i get a media code error and read some more on the forum
that it would not be a good idea to go to that firmware
whats your expert advise on this matter :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
well please advise thankx for the replys to

Download the latest version of OmniPatcher v1.3.14d. Ignore the media code error and enable cross flashing. :wink:

Is there a way to get the media table (restored) for the 1633s/1653s?
Maybe somewhere for download?

As already mentioned in the OP thread, support for the new media table format used in the 1653S will come in 1.3.15. This is not the result of OP being broken, but the result of a new table format that needs to be supported. If you want a listing of the media codes, I believe that ala42 may have posted such a listing somewhere in the original 1653S thread.

Aha, thanks, didnt read that OmniPatcher needs to be modified for this

I am not shure if it was in this thread, but I posted it. A few media codes occured twice in the table because my media code search was a bit to brute. I did not improve my private media code tool anymore after code65536 spend all the effort to follow each LiteOn media table change I did not even knew about to get omnipatcher up to date for you, so my quick hack after a longer time was not as accurate as it could have been. Well, at least it was quick :slight_smile: