1213s strange kprobe results

I have a 1213s liteon drive with the most recent liteon firmware for the drive tsod.

I have been having really bad burns recently and I thought it was a bad batch of dvd+R’s but I recently bought some 8x Taiyo Yuden dvd+r’s and they too had the same error rate

I then found out the ide transfer mode for the drive had reset to pio and yet when I reset this to dma the burn quality still had not improved much.

Each of these burns was done at 4x the lowest speed of this drive using nero. For kick I tired one at 8x and the quality is much better, and then 12x even better. All the exact same files in nero 6.6. I really don’t understand this trend as I had thought slower burn rates generally resulted in better burns. Should I used a modded firmware and try it at 16x? I mean damn.

I have included the kprobe results of the pio and 3 dma burns at 4, 8, and 12

Also maybe this is a stupid question but why does everyone test in kprobe at 4x and what difference does the read speed for the test matter and why does this change the results?

And I have looked around I and I can’t find an explanation of why the error rates would increase toward the end of a burn and how this might be rectified, if someone could point me in the right direction as I’m sure its been gone over before.

And how are so many of you guys getting such low error rates with your burns, what other variables am I missing here?

the order of the kprobe results are pio 4x then dma 4,8,12

The 1213S is weird with PI/PIF scans. Please have a look here (and subsequent posts in that thread).

You basically have 2 choices:

  • rely on transfer rate tests
  • crossflash your drive with 1633S or 1653S firmware (which will void your warranty) but will probably improve the performance.

I’ve gone the second route. :slight_smile: At present, the best firmware I’ve found for my SOHW-1213S is CS0K (1653S), but CSTJ (and with reservations 1633S/BS0S) also gave excellent results. I haven’t done any test burns with CS0M yet, but others have had good results.


thanks this was just the sort of input i was looking for and a very informative thread I hadn’t come across before. I am going to try the CS0K and see how that works out.

Also just out of curiosity this doesn’t mean I can burn dual layer with this firmware does it? That is hardware thing or are the differences in these drives 1213-1653 not nearly what I am imagining them to be?

the idfferences between the 1213 and 1653 drives are mainly firmware differences. Hardware changed, but not enough to warrant a completely new firmware.