1213s retail/Ritek(ridata) +R's- R03-02

ritek RIDATA Branded 8X media R03 -02 i think 02 is revision
well heres some of my burns with this media on my lity 1213s @tsod
with bitset modified in the flash ( auto setting )
8x burns do not play on all my settops but 4x burns 100% on players
i used dvddecrypter in ISO mode with a single layer movie
ISO to read and write
the nero burns were not in iso mode but in express dvd video
attached are the results of this media please advise if it is SH_T media
or bad burner or flash
even with stock TS09 bios still same chit
please advise if crap media
had same trouble with my NEC3500AG
p.s. i dont know how to add the images directly to the post
had to attach
1st pic is 8x dvddecrypter
2nd pic nero 4x
3rd pic is nero 8x

You should set your scan speed to 4x. This is the standard for scans on cdfreaks. :wink:

Have you tried applying the recommended tweaks, with OmniPatcher, and then doing a burn at 4x?

yes i did do the tweaks in omnipatcher with the TS0D firmware
but i did not add the 12x bump up
ok i’ll redo my scans and set it at 4x
will try to post back today if possible
thankx for the reply

here’s the 4x scans
posted as follows first is 8x dvddecrypter
2nd nero 8x
3rd 4x nero
please advise on what’s up with this media :confused: :confused:
p.s. from what i’ve read on this forum it’s a hit or miss with this media
more bad than good i’ll assume it’s not up to par for 8x

Sorry, I should have noticed this before. I see you are doing the scans in your 167T. You should use your 1213S for quality error scanning. It will do a much better job than the DVD-ROM drive. Use you DVD-ROM drive for the transfer rate tests and the DVD-Writer for the BLER/Quality tests. :wink:

sorry took so long to get back
here’s the scans done with the 1213
please advise if it’s chit media :a :a
gretz,maddog :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

Well, I guess that you changed the image order in your second post :slight_smile:

may be do a kprobe scan as well lo!!

but still nice scan!!

well i assume it means good media or i assume it’s sarcasim
please advise if it’s good media or chit media

The scans look good. Based on the scans, you should not have any problems reading these discs in your settop player. You should remember, however, that there are other factors, such as reflectivity, which can affect the ability of your settop player to read the discs.

well it’s weird settop will not read the 8x burns but 4x goes just fine
i can’t understand why the 8x will not read
i know i got a cheap settop player but everything i’ve thrown at it always went
now that i’ve upgraded to a faster burner and faster media
i did’nt gain nothing except a lighter wallet :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
my old burner was a lity ldw400d max was 4x
now that i’ve got a much quicker burner i went backwards( well a little step up)
i’ve been only able to get my player to read 4x and 6x burns
nothing at 8x at all