1213S access violation: LtnFw (?)

My new 1213s (TS08 from fractory) reads and writes both cd’s and dvd’s ok using Nero. DVDinfo pro also reads and diagnoses the drive ok. BUT, when I try to run LtnFW, or the *.exe f/w upgrade, I get the access violation error, citing adress 0000000 and a much larger address. I don’t know if I have seen this before, or what it might mean. Since I can read, burn, and diagnose, I wonder what is going on here. The system is the Soltek B6A-F1000 (which is one of those small, quiet, low-power VIA C3 mboard/cpu combos with a 1ghz CPU) and seems to work ok otherwise. I am running win98se. littleberry

Do you have ASPI installed. If so, you will get that error. I had the same problems with Smartburn and Booktype with ASPI installed./

Note, he is running 98SE and you are on XP. There is no SPTI in 98. Hi must have a ASPI layer.

littleberry, ASPI layer might be corrupt. Download ForceASPI, then install new aspi layer v.4.60. :wink:

It doesnt matter which os it is. Most of the Liteon utilities do not like ASPI.

Thanks, Pinto2, I have just now downloaded it and will install it shortly. littleberry

It does matter… For Windows 98/ME you have no choice but to use ASPI. You can just remove ASPI if you use Windows 2000/XP/2003 because most Liteon tools will just use SPTI then. The Liteon utilities are somewhat buggy as far as their support for ASPI goes. If you have ASPI 4.60 installed properly, then they should work or if you put them in the Nero installation directory they should work too.

Thank you for the clarification.