1213s@1653s/need media code?



well i’v got a little problem
some media i bought (prodiscF02 and prodiscR05 )
ok the frimware 1653CSOT does not support the F02
and only let the R05 go up to 8X well the media is
so i D/L’d the 1693 firmware tried to get the media codes from it
but had no luck they are there but i guess i is not smart enough
to add it to the 1653 firmware
well please advise how i might add these updated codes
or would that be a mistake getting the media codes from the 1693


You can’t copy media codes from the 1693S to the 1653S. The media code index is attached to many strategy parameters in the firmware.

However, you can use OmniPatcher to rename an existing media code manually or by importing a media code block dump. But then you have to find a strategy that works with this media, which can take time and media before you find one that works.