1213S@1653S.CS0C problem :-(

I have been passively reading all of your accumulated knowledge for some time now and considered myself ready for a crossflash, so I tried codeguys 1653S.CS0C on my still rather new (never even burned a DVD!) external-cased 1213S. However, instead of increased performance, it has simply died and will not respond at all. The LED does not go on at all and it is not deteced by the computer. :sad: :sad: :sad: Is there ANYTHING I can do? Please oh dear forum gods: help me! :bow:

Is it a pure external, USB version of 1213s Drive?
Or just the IDE version connected with USB2IDE cable?

It is a USB 1.1/2.0 encased version.

Would you give us more details what you did during flashing?

Nothing at all. Had closed all non-necessary applications and I waited for the flash to finish. It went all the way up to 100% and then stopped. Stayed at that for hours and would not revive.

Btw., because I am so incapable of waiting (I had just bought so many DVD-Rs, DVD+Rs and DVD+RWs before I flashed the drive) and I finally wanted to burn some DVDs, so I just now bought another 1673S external drive online for UK£ 80 pounds online. Hopefully, it will come soon! I am an idiot, am I not? :o

>Feeling a little better, but much poorer<

… and I just found out that I have been had yet again. It is a 1653SX and not a 1673S. I HATE EBAY! :a (did I mention that I got the 1213S there as well, even though it was described as a 16x doublelayer drive?) :sad: Nearly 200 pounds wasted and still not a good burner. :Z

and Hello?! anyone out there? I still want to revive the 1213S!


To use the known recovery methods, you’ll probably have to remove it from the USB case (I think you said it’s cased, rather than an actual USB version) and connect it to a standard IDE.

Unfortunately, it is a USB version (OEM for FreeCom).

So you either have to keep a dead USB drive or to get a screwdriver, open the USB case and connect the drive to the internal IDE ports. Report back when the drive is connected.

I have not found any IDE2USB Cable. You may refer to a kind of USB2IDE Cable to iron your one. I think there is no way to recover your drive unless connect it to IDE Port. Or you may try RMA it back, I heard that they will still repair your drive (I am not sure).

For your wrong 1653SX, why don’t you return it for replacement, do you buy it from eBay auction? The burn quality of 1653SX is definitely better than 1213SX (I have a IDE version 1213s but it burns good disc only when crossflashed to 1633S/1653S).

I have no experience of 1673S, maybe others can help

ala42: I am sorry, I should have described it better. It is a USB-version of the drive. That means, there are no screws, etc. If I want to open the thing, I destroy it.

abalone: Thanks I did just that. Hopefully, they will fix it. For the 1653SX, I got some money back for being the wrong drive. It’s a bit annoying, as it is not the drive that I wanted, but the 1653SX is burning very very well and at some stage I might want to give him a firmware upgrade (though for the moment I am too spooked to try that again on a USB-drive).

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hopefully you can flash your drive successfully. Enjoy your 1653

Don’t forget to do some KProbe Scan and post them here :slight_smile:

@Korean Burner

I think Ur 1213S just like Sony 710U.it’s a 710A with a USB case design by sony.

you can open it and get 1213s out . then connect it on IDE port.

Flash it with MTKFlash + c0deguy’s crossflash fw 1213s@1653s.

Krooval: Unfortunately, it is not. However, I should have an asnwer in a couple of weeks. Thanks anyways. ^.^

abalone: I have KProbe now, but … ummm … :o I haven’t figured it out how to use. Am a bit stupid that way :iagree:

@Korean Burner

Haha, I also spent a lot of time to figure out the detail procedure of KProbe

It is easy, just select the speed to 4x, then click on the blue triangle “Play” button on the top. Wait for 15min and click on the diskette button to save the graph.

Then upload it to the forum :slight_smile:

abalone: Okay, I will make a new 1653SX thread with dedicated results. :smiley: (Does it matter which speed I use to burn them, as long as I write it down?)

burnspeed doesn’t matter. just the scanspeed. the lower the burnspeed, the better the scan.

Yes, scan speed is important, it will be shown in the graph, so no need to care. The stardard in this forum is 4x for DVD.

For burn speed, sometimes, slow burning speed may give worse result.
Personally, I will record both for reference. It can help to see how speed affect your favourite media. :slight_smile:

(My crappy 1213s@CS09 seems dead, it always give bad burn :a , otherwise I may post some scans for comparison)