1213s@1633s/ritek Dvd+r R03-02

well how does my first burn look with the 1213@1633
i cleared the learnt media before this burn also i was afraid to go full out
this disc was burnt with nero 63125 at 6x
will post a 8x burn soon
but thought i would check to see how my lity is doing on the crossflash
all my media right now is ritek ridata +r’s(R03-02) and -r’s(G05)
please advise on how this test looks :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
p.s. also quick note i used omni to apply media tweaks to the crossflashed
firmware before i loaded it

Well the PIEs could be lower, but they’re well within spec, and the PIFs are fairly low as well. Not the best burn, but not the worst, which is about to be expected for Ritek R03.

gretz, Two Degrees
well i assume it’s ok
also i assume the ritek disc are crap the R03’s
well what about G05 riteks ridata
reason i ask is i have about 80 of the G05 left
and about 75 of the R03-02 left
also these disc are not going real well on my nec either
p.s. will the burns get better the more i use the lity with this media
or go worse

Well G05 is still Ritek, so don’t expect great results. Both are mediocre at best. It’s possible the next few burns could improve; just try and see.

Given that this is Ritek R03, this seems to be about what you’d expect. I’ve seen better R03 burns on the 3S. But I’ve also seen worse.

G05 probably won’t be that much better… BUT… G05 is officially supported at 12x in the 1653S firmware. I’d be curious to see how CS02 handles it.

well i try one later today or this weekend for sure
but i’m gonna stay with 1633s for now
i’ll post the results from the 1633s @12x
with G05-media i did the tweak with omni i think so it should let me go to 12x
with 1633s BS0K
p.s. whats the best or better media to use other than ritek
i’ve been using khypermedia,imation and memorex but was only at 4x with my ldw400d memorex was cmc media it was so so imation were ritek g03
hypermedia was also cmc but the khypermedia was better than the memorex
but it was also cmc
thought i was stepping up when i got my lity 1213s and my nec3500
with the ridata branded disc -r and +r well i guess maybe i did’nt

1213@1633 with tweak would only allow 8x
posted is a ridata-r(G05) and +r(R03-02)
well this drive seems to like the -r’s better than the +r’s
well please advise if i should try to edit the media for the G05
disc and tweak it to something else
also advise if there is any tweaks i can try to do for the +r’s

Also code65536 check out my nec scans with my 3500
in the nec forum would’nt be right to post it in this thread
it seems to like it better than the lity