1213s@1633s\media code\tweak



Can someone guide me on how to add a media code to my firmware.
My drive is a1213s@1633s i had it at 1653s but burns are better with
the 1633s. My firmware is BSOY.
The media code i’m trying to add is RitekF1.


Adding a mediacode could be done with OmniPatcher, read the sticky thread or info how. I have no experience with it. You write you did try a firmware for the 1653 already, which one was it? I use CS0T over a year now (and before that CS0R), and my burns are as good as my burns with trusted BS0S. I tried BS0Y as it came out, but I was disappointed about the number of supported media (same as BS0S), and it did not improve my burns. I can only advise you to try CS0T again (CS0T supports RitekF1), backup your EEPROM and reset the learned media with the EEPROM-utility. Within a few burns the results should be o.k.

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will this drive and settings work to make xbox 360 backups?