1213s@1633s:kprobe scans can be picky on media or drive?

I have noticed that my 1213s@1633s produces a bad scan compared to my SOHW-812S(original firmware) when scanning optodiscr008. Does the firmware affect scanning or is my drive faulty, or could it be the media?

Does resetting eeprom affect reading functions?

Following are the scans of the same DVD(optodiscr008, DVD-Rprintable) burned at 8X with BS41:

  1. First scan is with 1213s@1633s (external usb) BS41 connected to my intel desktop, not so good
  2. Second scan is with a brand new SOHW-812S(prolific external usb) connected to my laptop, almost perfect result
  3. downgraded to BS0H to verify if it’s a problem with firmware, same result as #1.

4.I checked to make sure my 1213s still produce quality scans so I scanned a ricojprn01 (burned at 8x using BS0H)

Anyone else noticed the same behavior with their lite-on drives?

Hmm. I don’t know why it would do that. My guess is that because the 3S drives use a different laser than the 2S drives, it might be the case that the 3S laser isn’t as good at reading the kind of chemical used by Optodisc as the 2S is. shrugs

That having been said, the difference isn’t that much (though it’s definitely more than what I normally see between two scans of the same disc on my 51S and 3S).