1213@1653 CS0M - every other disc has high PI/PIF


just got some new DVD+R 8x media - code MPOMEDIA080 [MPO] and the burns alternate between a really good one and a bad one but all check out with no errors and data verifications is always fine.
Here are the tests with KProbe 2.4.3, the writing speed was 8x in both cases.
The drive is a 1213@1653 crossflashed with CS0M.

Any ideas why this is and what I can do to get a consistently good burn?
TIA, phlux0r

I have the 1213 and i use the csop. Plux, reboot your computer and rerun the bad scan. It might be kprobe. I got similar pattern, and rebooted, rescanned bad disk and the disk looked damn near perfect.

Thanks for the suggestion but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference when I rescanned my last DVD after booting up. I scanned it both with KProbe and Nero and it’s the same high values.

I might just update the firmware to CSOP and see what happens…

Try eeprom reset before apply new firmware.
In my 1213@1653 CSoM is still better than CSOP .

Yeah I tried resetting the eeprom to clear the learned media (with CS0M) but the results were the same - one disc low PI/PF the next one high PI/PF. Now I’ve updated to CS0P and again, the same pattern even though the good burn was really good, seemed better than with CS0M. Very interesting.

I might just use some other media for a while and give this new one a rest.

If problem look fix ,try again flash it back to CS0M to compare results