1213@1653 but



I have a 1213@1653 that i have changed the fw several times with no problem but all of a sudden it will not take exe. fw any more. I can change the fw using bins but when I try to use a exe the compter just kind of hangs not wanting to do much till I reboot. It’s not a big problem since flashing with bins always works but I would like to know why it started doing this. I also have a 812@832 and it works fine with exe. Help


Hm, that’s odd. It’s probably because the 832S flashers and the older 1653S flashers use an old flasher from early 2004 while the latest 1653S flashers are based on a newer 2005 flasher, as that’s really the only difference that I can think of…

However, we’ve been using the newer flasher for some months now, and we haven’t heard of any problems with the newer flasher until this, and the newer flasher works just fine for us. I suspect that perhaps there might be some sort system misconfiguration that is causing this, but I am not sure what it could be.


Thanks for the response. Like I said it’s not a big problem as long as I have a bin fw but if you nhave any new ideas please let me know. By the way I forgot to add that the sony fws in the exe form like byx4 do work. Weirder yet huh?


I wanted to check out the new 812 fw on my 812@832 just to see what it does and had to use the bin version on it too. This is very very weird. Oh well