well is this disc scan any good on these
Verbatim 8X +R
Disc ID: MCC-003-00
Book Type: DVD-ROM
well please advise

Please refer to the [THREAD=118794]DVD-Writer FAQ[/THREAD] for the answer.

93/100…PIF max 3…member since 5/04…I think he is playing dumb and just bragging:)…excellent burn!

gretz,code65536 & please
well i’ve been member since 5-04 but i’m real new to the dvd Quality thing
but i’ve been doing dvd’s for awhile but never knew about the Quality test:confused: :confused:
until i got my LITY and my NEC burner which burn awhole lot faster
than my old lity LDW400D so quality was not known ( i did’nt know)
until i started burning faster :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
p.s. the link did clarify pi f & pi e
thankx for the replies tho