120GB WD 8MB Buffer

I have found that googlegear has the 120GB WD Special Edition for $131 then they will ship it 2nd day FedEx for free. They had a few WD’s open box specials at one time and the drives were just $103.
That is where I got all my 120’s. Raid madness!!! Hope to have a terabyte of storage come midsummer. I figure two 0 raid arrays with four 120GB drives each and two 120GB in Raid 1 for critical data.

120GB is a bit too much (space). I’d get the 80GB for $89 @ newegg.com instead, which also has the 120GB on sale for $130.

I keep all the images for all my software on my harddrives, and I am running out of space quick. Add to that all the software installed and we see that 1 Terabyte isn’t completely unreasonable. I remember thinking I would never use eighty gigs of storage space… then 1 year later requiring over two hundred gig. I am just trying to keep forward looking.