120gb External Hard Drive- $40

On sale starting tomorrow at Officemax- Netdisk 120gb Hard Drive for $40


It’s on the first page.

Price Mistake?? No Rebates?? external HDD??

No rebate. Clearance, so it may not be available in your store.

More gory details:

A very negative review (and a good reason this thing is cheap):

I went ot the store today and they had 4 in stock. I decided to buy one today, but rang up at $139. So I told them about the clearance and asked them whether they would hold one for me tomorrow, however they said they can only hold it till end of day today. So I might have to get to the store at around 11 am tomorrow morning to snag it if its still available.

From the reviews I’ve read, this would be fine for a USB external drive. It seems it’s the network part that sucks.

You can buy today and get a $100 refund tomorrow. It involves going to the store twice, but sounds like you already committed to doing that.

do you know which drive they use? and is it 7200 RPM 8 meg cache?

I have one on hold at my local store… My friend owned a NetDisk 160GB model and it had a Samsung 7200RPM drive, but I believe it only had a 2MB cache. I run two Samsung drives in my computer, I’m quite happy with them. I doubt the 2MB cache will make a big difference since you’ll probably be using this to store files, not boot Windows :stuck_out_tongue:

Buffalo external HDD is also a sumsung, you get back sector really fast because I download DVD Movie in the RAR format, I unrar a few movies a day on the HDD after unraring, I delete the compressed file, burn the movie to DVD then delete the movie, with that heavy use, the samsung drive only last me 4 months. But for $40, you cant go wrong. I will get one tomorrow and probably use it for light use.

Bought one today for the add price. Bringing in the next days add printout sealed it as they send presale e-mails to people so some stores will honor the price early, others make you came back for the refund. The drive works fine in USB mode and is preformated to NTSF so it’s plug and play for real. The network part needs drivers to work. The drive is pretty much sold out as it has been on every slick deal site and people bought them early like I did. it uses a wall wart and has no fan, mine is a Samsung 120, some are Maxtors, and some got lucky and got the 160 in a 120 box. There also is a 10 percent off clearance coupon around that might work and a few others.
I might go out tomorrow and get one more for my other PC if any are left. They open at 11 am as far as I know so good luck and if they’re sold out ask about a sub, some stores will do that also.

Just got one with the 10% off Clearance Items coupon - They took 10% off the original price ($140!), so I walked out with one for $27.

You got lucky, both my local stores sold out either yesterday or first thing this morning. Glad I got one anyways, was hoping to get another for the other PC or possibly a freind that wanted one. I noticed it seems to stay spinning in usb mode but when you turn off your PC it does power down and cools to dead cold till you power up again so should be safe to leave on 24/7.

You Dog. :stuck_out_tongue:

in for 2. had a 15 off 75 so came to 65 + tax