1208A problem

Okay, I have an issue at home with my 1208a. I was trying to use clonecd and as soon as I try to create an image I get an error message

Atapi 12x8x32 is not compatible with CloneCD Read Mode “Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks and Extra Audio Info”

Then it ejects my disk and stops the imaging process.

This is the first time that I’ve tried clonecd at home. I’m using the burner to create the image since I don’t have a dual set of drives at home. I deleted the Adaptec stuff hoping that would maybe solve the problem. I called Acer and I have the most recent firmware, so I’m just not sure how to proceed.

Any takers on this one?

Thanks in advance

It is a known problem (limitation?) of acer burners. I have also a 1208: it can write raw and can copy SD2 but it is not good for reading. Use an other reader (I use a Toshiba 1502).

The Acer doesn’t support reading of 96 byts of subchannel data.

So if you try to read a cd with read subchannel from audio or data you will get that error.

It can write 96 bytes of subchannel so if you buy another reader you should be well covered.

Acers/philips burners should never be used as readers, i always use a plex for this no probs there.

Recommended for reading with CloneCD are the TOSHIBA DVD players. They’re cheap and can read everything…

Originally posted by lupicupi (I use a Toshiba 1502).

TOSHIBA DVD players. They’re cheap and can read everything…

i got a 1208 and a 1502 tosiba too :smiley: and i can voutch(sp) that they are cheap dvd players only paid £3 for my drive :stuck_out_tongue:

local markets are ace :slight_smile:

Only downside is hat Toshiba readers aren’t very fast in extracting audio.