120 min CD-Rs available

I just posted the article 120 min CD-Rs available.

Source: CDRInfo

CDRInfo reports that there are 120 minutes blank CD-Rs available (would be a little more then 1 GB of data). They are manufactured by the same company that does the 99 mins CDs…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/845-120-min-CD-Rs-available.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/845-120-min-CD-Rs-available.html)

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Ya BaBy, I’m waiting for the 350 minute blank !!!

Whoopi! Creating a CD that not all CD-ROM Drives can read and also not CD-RW Drives can write. That is definitely a thumbs up for modern invention going moldy between the brains. I think the person or company that created them should stop thinking through the influence of DRUGS!!!

That’s right no.1: Dreamcast backup!

Damn, that sounds good!!

What’s the next step…

Dreamcast prbl can’t read those 120 min CDs.
And how are you gonna make a backup if you don’t have the right device to read DC-GDroms???

Considering the Dreamcast can read 99min’s perfectly. I see no reason why it wouldn’t be able to read 120min’s as well.


Does Mitsumi 4804TE support
overburning on 74-min bland cdr?

Is it supported by the SonyCRX100e??

Yes The mitsumi4804te can overburn 74 minute cdrs

option3; What will be cheaper? 2 x cdr74 or 1 x cdr120?
Don’t think that option 3 will B the 1 to choose 4 cdr120! Maybe in the future!

He guys, think please think.
We are fucked up here,next week there will be a copagny who sell the new device for the 120 min. cdrs and when we all go out and buy that new device with our hard earned money there will be a copagny selling new 180 min. cdr,s

where the fuck do i get 120min cdr

In one word: Bullshit!


99min cd-r’s here: http://www.ec-max.net/Tuoteluettelo3.asp?ParentID=326 or http://www.ec-max.net/Tuoteluettelo4.asp?TuoteID=1538&ParentID=326 :9

here is the link to 90 & 99 min cdr’s have fun http://www.blank-cd-cdr.com/product_pw/9099minutes.html

here is the link to 99 min cdr’s http://www.blank-cd-cdr.com/product_pw/9099minutes.html

There are 90 and 99 min cd’s ALL OVER THE NET!!!BUT what good are they if you can’t use them?I have a plexwriter 40/12/40 and if anything should be able to burn a 90 to 99 minute CD it would be this thing, BUT even with nero 5.5 I havn’t broke the 700Mb/80Min Barrier…any help would be appreciated…As far as 120 Min CD’s, if Im having this much trouble with the 90 /99 minute ones, the likelihood of finding compatable software AND expecting it to work in another drive is pretty slim