120% and Securom 4

Okay, so all you people who have successfully created a working image:

Do you mount the image with the Alcohol virtual drive or Daemon Tools? Or do both work?

Also do you use Securom emulation or will these images work straight-up?

My images work straight up without any changes to anything in both Alcohol and DT.

Now DPM worked at 24x on pioneer dvd but RAW + Sub-16 and then created image doesn’t work. Now trying with Plextor.

Hi oldhouse

Which dvd reader do you have (firmware and version), i use dvd 115 and I’m not able to set a speed except maximum .

Also a new version of alcohol has been released to solve for DPM issue …


Pioneer DVD 106 Latest Firmware: 1.22

DVD PIONEER 115 FIRMWARE 1.12 doesn’t work (no speed control possible), may be someone could post a sucessfull case with an updated fimware .


i made a perfect image using alcohol 120 and the securom 4 settings using a toshiba sd-r2102 dvd cdrw i use the alcohol virtual drive. i havent tested it with deamon tools yet