12-year-old New York City girl sued for music downloading

I just posted the article 12-year-old New York City girl sued for music downloading.

 Feslmogh, compu44, Lith, and  StrongBad all used our   news submit   to alert us  to the fact that the music industry has turned its big legal guns on Internet  music-swappers '”...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6619-12-year-old-New-York-City-girl-sued-for-music-downloading.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6619-12-year-old-New-York-City-girl-sued-for-music-downloading.html)

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These RIAA people should be in jail themselves for trying to sue even 12 year old it makes me sick. If this was in any other country the case would be dismissed or wouldnt even think of trying to sue children but of course since the RIAA have bought polticians to fight their cause in the USA because you are allowed. This is a disgrace and shows the real face of what american capatilism is all about.

Go China go :d

because american capitalism looked high and low for a 12 yr old girl downloading from kazaa - since suing a 12 yr old would really rally support for the cause. plz make a sensible argument - this isnt /.

RIAA say they dont care who it is as long as their a person responsible for it, they will go after them whatever their age.

geez i hate when they say its stealing, its not stealing you idiots, its copyright infringement, and is it even possible to sue a minor???

and yes it is possible to sue a 12 year old, the parents or legal guardian are responsible,The bottem line Money. :r

This is pretty gross! Although, as already stated, it’s all about the money. Shouldn’t the RIAA be suing Sharman Networks for offering a paid version of Kazaa where people swapped copyrighted material? Napster was sued, and it was free! Kazaa has a subscription service that you’d think legally couldn’t hold any water - they’re selling a subscription to something they don’t own. I’d much rather see that happen than a little 12 year old girl get sued. Awful. :r

First is the Catholics molesting little boys and now the RIAA is raping little girls out of their money :frowning: Harsh comparison for a harsh organization :stuck_out_tongue:

How is the RIAA finding out who these people are??!

I cannot believe how low the RIAA have gone by bringing a 12year old innocent girl and trying to set an example.:frowning: There is no justification in what they have done?:frowning: Why can’t they pick on the people who burn to cd and sell to make a profit:( or indeed the big game where millions of pirated software is flooded in to the UK.:frowning: They are so wrong attacking a 12year old girl, next it will be a man of 99 or a girl age 6 FFS the RIAA want shooting.:g (So F**K you RIAA, get your prioitys right, ure a bunch of morons :wink: ) Intercept…:S
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claws01 By their IP address. Then the RIAA used the courts and forced the ISP to release the names.

When we think the RIAA has reached the bottom rung on the ladder down, they find another one…another nail in their coffin. …and lets hope Mr testosterone Gary Shameonu in inside it…:X

Pick up the paper and read about the REAL crimes going on around us. Think about sueing a little girl. This country is going down the $hitter really fast. It starts here. Everybody, and everybody you know, not buy any music in the month of December 2003. Unless its used that will be alright. Tell everybody you know and spread it on every network of every kind. December will hit em hard, like a train hitting a bus. :slight_smile:

Here is what bothers me, …Weiss answered, "We don’t have any personal information on any of the individuals. What do they deem personal information? Once you receive the information you subpoena from the ISPs, you have the name, more than likely the phone number, definitely the address of the individual. Any decent lawyer worth his or her salt will find out SOMETHING about whom they are suing (at least the parents if they are minors), if only for the sake of covering all the bases. Im not really paranoid but I consider my name, address and phone number personal information. Do you know how much informantion can be gathered from that. I would like to know what information the ISPs are actually handing over. Name and address only or ALL of the information they have at their possession, that, my friends, would be scary. We then have to trust and organization that cant keep its web page up ever, to keep all of this “non-personal” information safe, hmmm. They seem like a prime target for identity theft…

Here is a quote from Matt Oppenheim from the RIAA. RIAA Vice President Matt Oppenheim said he was not surprised to see young and old alike caught in the industry’s snare. “We know that there are a lot of young people who are using these services and we totally expected that we would end up targeting them,” Oppenheim said. “As we have said from the beginning … there is no free pass to engage in music piracy just because you haven’t come of age. We’re not surprised and we’re not deterred.” Just boycott any label that is part of the RIAA, send e-mail to your favorite artisits and let them know how you feel, buy used cd’s so that the RIAA doesn’t get your money, start buying indie music. I’ll enjoy spending my $300-400 dollars I normally spend on music on other things. For more information visit www.boycott-riaa.com

Im calling my service provider and changing the name on the account to Joe Schmoe (or something else)… If I get sued, its going to be under another name… LOL…

This little girl is too young to see the RIAA in its death throes. It reminds me of the scene in Terminator 2 where the T-1000 falls into the molten metal. The machine howls in desperation while switching between every shape it has ever taken and finally fades away overcome by the power. I await the day the RIAA fades away.

This is sick, makes me sick. And BTW, RIAA doesn’t want to erase copyright infringements, only wants to control’em. Think about it, if they manage to drop the P2P networks to nuffin, they remain with no jobs. All they want is money. “Come and get me, coppers!” (George “Babyface” Nelson, in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”)