12% off- STAPLES- through Oct 29- Saturday


Scroll down, choose free option- this will take you to the download page.

The coupon states “Because you’re a Rewards Member, we are extending our 12% employee discount to you on in store purchases”.

I’m not a Rewards Member and the coupon lists somebodys email address at the bottom. I don’t think trying to cash this coupon would be an honorable thing to do.

Honorable? I’ve used it- and becoming a rewards member is free- and being a rewards member gives you free shipping on ALL orders. So, I have no idea what crawled up your ass.

Well excuse me, that coupon was emailed to somebody and that somebody was not me. So no need to get testy, I was just asking a a legitimate question.

That email went to all Rewards member- and Staples never even questioned it- but it’s all good- the coupon works.