12% off at Staples- Jan 23-28


Print out and use it! I’ve already used it with no problems.

Thaks, sumbitch!!! Can I use this for the I/O Magic 16x max drive they have on sale this week?

That’s about the only way I buy from Staples- item on sale, with a coupon.

All I got was a place for SPAM!!!

Scroll down and choose the free option- that will take you to the download page… It’s been downloaded 20 times already…

i just put it as an attachment to this post. Not trying to steal the original poster’s deal, I just don’t like the rapidshare site, and it seems like someone already assumed it was spam.

thanks for the heads up on this coupon!

staples.pdf (81.7 KB)

nice! I wish I had a Staples!

I got some of the Staples DVD+R 8x 25 pk, on sale for $7.94, and they are MBIPG101 R04. Check out the excellent (low) Tracking Error results on the FE/TE test run on my 1640 with QSuite. I am very impressed–and this media passes to be fine to be written at 12x. :bigsmile: Based on this result (read my post on the link), these might be very good indeed. :iagree:

can you please post as much info from teh packaging of tha media as you can? my drive LOVES MBI media and with that 12% off plus a $3 ink coupon, this is a great deal! i just want to make sure I actually get MBIs…they say made in india i assume?

just check the link in the above post. :wink: It was the Staples 8x DVD+R 25 pk, with the lifetime warranty and “Made in India” on the side.

right, but staples also uses CMC i thought. i was just looking for a way to differentiate them. it’s only a few buscks. i guess it’s worth taking a chance.

Reason, you might see CMC in the 50 pk spindles, as those said “Made in Taiwan,” whereas the 25 pk spindle I bought clearly said “Made in India.” Just be sure to get the DVD+R 8x 25 pk that says “Made in India” on the side. I put one blank in my comp. and it was id’d as MBIPG101 R04. :wink:

thanks :slight_smile: