12" Laptop Case

I am looking for a case for my IBM x40 12" laptop. At the moment it keeps getting screen problems, I have finally decided that is down to it not being able to be “crushed” in the case it is in. I think at the moment it is getting crushed by the weight of all my other school books.

What I am looking for is not a solid metal case. There are to heavy and defeat the point of a ultra portable. Are there any smaller cases that people can recommend? I don’t mind it having a handle, but it would need to be small enough to fit inside my normal school bag. Cost is not a major issue, but preferably under £100 ($200) and to be able to be delivered to the UK.

I was looking at the Targus XS Sub-Notebook Case. Does anybody have any idea if this would be strong enough to protected the laptop from getting “crushed” and also from small drops etc.

Ben, not sure if it will fit in your bag ?.


I think those ones will be to heavy.