12-12 to 12-18 Fuji 8X 25 pk + & -R's $8.99

Here in Europe I found a new store that sells RICOHJPN02 and RITEKG05 for $13, FUJIFILM03 for $15, TDK002 for $16, MCC003, MCC 02RG20 and CMC MAG E01 for $19. Prices are all for 25pcs. Shipping is $26.
200 RICOHJPN02 will be $130, so I can get 200 YUDEN000T02 for the same price as 200 RICOHJPN02. I have a NEC-3500 with Liggy’s 2C8_SE that will allow me to burn YUDEN000T02 & TDK002 @ 16x, MCC02RG20 & RICOHJPN02 @ 12x, RITEKG05, FUJIFILM03, MCC003 and CMCMAGE1 @ 8x.
So basically, is it a good idea to try to get some Taiyo Yudens from the US or should I go with this vendor and what media should I get for my NEC-3500?
I have used RICOHJPN02 and they burn fine at 12x, can’t test them tough :confused:
According to this thread, the TDK 002 will burn fine at 16x, I have mailed the seller and asked where the TDK are made (but in Europe, it often doesn’t say on the package :frowning: )
Sorry for going OT and thanks for replying,

@ mshmd:

Look up your DVD player(s) here. You find out exactly what your player will handle.

Here are a few scans of the FUJI DVD+R TY02 media burned on my NEC 3500.

Burned at 8X
8X Burn NEC3500 TY02
8X Burn NEC3500 TY02
8X Burn NEC3500 TY02
8X Burn NEC3500 TY02
8X Burn NEC3500 TY02

Burned at 16X
16X Burn NEC3500 TY02

Thanks for the heads up Sportfish.

Looks pretty good. Were those burned with 2f8 and is it modified or original firmware?

2f8 is a modified firmware, TDG Maddog 2f8.

Well I have burned and scanned ricohjpnr01, ricohjpnr02, yuden000t02, and cmcmage01 all at 8x burn speen and I must say, all four disks performed very well on my maddog. The ty scan was resonably beter at 8x so perhaps my particular drive or firmware didn’t like 16x with this disk, or perhaps it was just a fluke.
Click on any of the images to enlarge. The first was the earlier posted ty 16x scan. The rest the 4 above mentioned medias (just read the title under the picture).

Staples will have Sony 25pk of +R/-R for under $10USD this Sunday also. Sorry I don’t remember the exact price but I know that it was under $10.

Sounds like i’m going to be stocking up big time this week. TY and Sony media :iagree:

May I ask who makes the Sony +R and -R DVD blanks at Staples and how well do they burn on an NEC 3500A?

I just called my regional Staples (Central Ca.) and asked what speed +/- R are on sale tomorrow?
They said 4X “not” the more desirable 8X.
Check Nec & Media forum for disc quality with 3500 on these.

Hey mshmd…

The media is Sony D11 for the 8X and here’s how they burn. Although now it looks like I waisted my time seeing that Staples is doing 4X and not 8X. Oh well this should give you a good idea. The data and transfer scans were done at Max speed. As you can see, they can do a decent burn at 16X.
Enjoy for what it’s worth.


hey guys: with regards to media speed on sale. if its not 2 far, i would goto store and check, more times then not they just sell the 8x stuff @ the sale price.

When I purchased some 8x Maxells (15 for $5), I compared the UPC numbers on the 4x and 8x packages. They were exactly the same. This may not be true in all cases, but it’s worth checking out.

Hey Rick…
I want some of those dem dare Maxcells.

The first two scans were burned with my current firmware which is Liggy’s 218(Thanks Liggy), and the rest were burned with the modified 2F8 firmware.

I’m guessing that it was at office depot on the 2 day sale? I actually intentionally got the 4x +r in the hopes that they were ricohjpnr01 (they could have also been ritek or ty), and as luck would have it, all six packs were ricohjpnr01!!!
I hate to further complicate media choiced for the newbies but they are going to have them on sale all next week for 5.97 (not quite as good as 5$ but if you want maxell it’s still cheap). My experiences were the same with the 15 packs, the sku is the same so they are both on sale (8x and 4x).
Also 100 pack of sony for 39.99 at comp usa (not sure of the speed but they are compusa part # 317337, 317338 if you care to look them up).
On a side note, what the hell is a mad dog megastore 7 in one? Compusa is going to have it on sale (for the crappy price of 150 - 20 instant - 30 mailin = 100$) tomorrow. I just got the megastore 6 in one (nec 3500) but what is the 7 in one?

Yeah, I bought them on Black Friday. I was also looking for some Ricoh’s, but I couldn’t pass up Made in Japan Maxells.

It looks like an external 3500. http://www.maddogmultimedia.com/products/optical/MegaSTOR7in1-16DL.asp
Same deal at OfficeMax this week.

I didn’t catch that it was an external. I was just more curious what made it from a six function drive to a seven function. So is external capability the seventh function? Thats pretty damn chessey!!!
So what were the made in japan maxell you were loking for (TY I suspect)? I had to look twice but were you loking for yuden000t01? I was under the impresion that all the maxell 8x was maxell media code. Is oem maxell pretty good?

I was actually looking for made in japan 4x -rs (MXLRG02). Since it was one per person, I though i would pick up 1 + and 1 -. I was going to pick up a 4x +r (Taiwan), but just got lucky and found the 8x ones. They are MAXELL002s. OEM Maxells are really good quality. On par with TY.

There are not many compinies making thier own. The few that are seem to be doing well. I still have not learned to read nero scans appropriatlly but thats a hell of a good kprobe.
I was a little lerry of sony media code but after trying d11’s, they burn very well. I have not tried any maxell oem. Are there certain media codes that are good or are all maxell media good (I know its subjectice and firmware dependant). They say that they are eliminating 4x media production, I’m going to miss those good old richojpnr01’s… damn thy were good…