12-12 to 12-18 Fuji 8X 25 pk + & -R's $8.99

Hey All…

Just got an early tip that Best Buy will be selling 25pk. of Fuji 8X + and - R’s for $8.99 next week. (12/12/04 to 12/18/04) This is with instant rebates not mail in. The store that I shop at has a ton of the TY, grey bottom, made in Japan, +R’s on the shelf. The -R’s are the black bottom which from what I’ve seen here are CMCMAG’s. Just beware of this fact and you can come up with a very sweet deal. Happy Burning.


Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I’m gonna try to get some TY Fuji branded and compare it with the Rima TY i just receieved yesterday (haven’t had very good results with it).

Currently the -R 25pack is on sale for 8.99 instant. I picked one, made in taiwan, it’s ProdiscF01. Burned fine in my 1620. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=776935&postcount=28

I’m wondering if someone could help me out, I live in Sweden and Taiyo Yuden media is almost impossible to get here.
I’m looking for someone who could get me 8 spindles of Taiyo Yuden media (those $8,99 Fujis) and ship to Sweden. 8 spindles should be about 8lb. I checked with USPS, shipping for 10lb insured is $54, which makes it $126 for 200 discs, still a very good deal for Taiyo Yudens.
How to pay you? Paypal or wire transfer to your bank account (I pay all the costs)
Please send me a PM if you want to help me out.


How well do these 8X Fuji +R (Tayo Yuden) and -R (CMC Mag) burn on an NEC-3500A?

Also, I have some Memorex 4X +R disks i believe are RicohJPN01. How to do these compare to the above

Finally, are all 8X Fuji +R or -R at Best Buy either Tayo Yuden or CMC Mag? If not, how do I identify the desireable ones?

The Fuji 25 pack of 8x DVD-R should be ProdiscF01, I’ve never heard of them being CMC discs.

Hey Two Degree…

I could be wrong about the -R’s, but I really thought I saw them to be the CMC’s. I’ve looked at so many as of late that I could be misstaken. But they are for sure NOT the TY’s and that’s what I’m looking for. Especially for that price.


You may want to check out this thread 1st:

Here is a fuji yuden000t02 burned on a mad dog (nec3500). Of course its firmware dependant. It claimed to be burning at 16x (for 8x disks) but the strange thing is that it too just over 6 minutes to burn at 16x where as 8x burns take just over 8 minutes?
It spiked up at the end but not too bad. Looking at the first part of the burn it seems the 3500 can burn this media pretty well. It may have done beter overall if I had burned it at it rated 8x speed (I’ll have to do that and scan it when I get a chance) but still, even that bad parts are decent. I don’t have a scan of ricohjpnr01 uploaded right now (that was done on the 3500 anyway) but an 8x burn scaned VERY, VERY GOOD!!!
fyi my mad dog allows overspeed burning with both of these disks with factory firmware. Both the yuden000t02 and the ricohjpnr01 are exelent quality disks and should burn fine on your 3500.
as far what the fuji’s are, look here
Ty cake boxes look like this
Pay close attention to the base as well as the little tabs that lock the top to the base. There is aparently ricohjpnr02 that has a base that looks like ty but the tab locks look like this
click on the image to enlarge it. I have not heard of anybody getting fuji ricohjpnr02 in packaging like this yet but fuji does use ricohjpnr02 so it always possible. Its not the end of the world if you get ricohjpnr02, it’s pretty good media, but I know that ricohjpnr01 is beter (and I assume everybody will say yuden000t02 is beter, I have only had limited use with it and a few problems with it but that was with my liteon, not my 3500). I should be doing some burning later today and I’ll post scans of yuden000t02 burned at 8x and ricohjpnr02 and ricohjpnr01, bot burned at 8x, on the nec3500 (mad dog).

Are all Fuji 8X +R at Best Buy Yuden000t02?

Fuji 8x +r could be yuden000t02 or ricohjpnr02 (I’m not sure if they are using anything else but there are none I am aware of). There is no way of guarenteeing what a particular store will have. Look at the pictures in my last post. Also, yuden000t02 is made in japan and ricohjpnr02 is made in tiawan so that I usally a good indicator of which is which. Either way, even if you acidentally get the wrong kind, they are still both good media.

CMC Mag is supposed to burn very well on the Necs (?)?

What are the good 4X / 8X -R CMC Mag DVD blanks for an NEC-3500A?

Cmcmag 8x -r is going to be cmcmag ae1. I have never used any of this media and do not have any to test with my 3500. This is a scan of cmcmag 8x+r (cmcmag e01). I cannot remember for sure if this was burned on the 3500 or the liteon. I could probably burn one on the 3500 later today to see for sure how it does.
Fyi on a side note, avoid cmc media that is 4x or slower, it’s crap.

I got my Dad a NEC 3500A for Christmas. He is just learning video editing so I want to get him some cheap DVD blanks while he learns what he is doing.

What are some cheap, good quality DVD blanks for this purpose?

Hey mshmd…

Don’t bother with cheap. You can’t get much cheaper fo great media than the $8.99 per 25 tub that Best Buy will be offering this Sunday. If you live in the states and have one near by.

I am mostly farmiliar with +r disks (I only recently got the 3500 and my liteon is an 8x +r 4x -r drive so I mostly have +r disks, especially with 8x stuff). As far as +r I would just get some of the fuji 8x +r when they go on sale at best buy. Either ty or ricoh are good. The fuji 4x +r are suposed to be ricohrjpn01 so thats a prety safe bet if thats what your store hapens to have. It’s too early to tell but it seems that the 3500 may do a little beter with -r (any of you 3500 users want to coment on that). It does just find with +r though. If you do use +r, defanatly go to the nec forum and learn how to set your drive for bitsetting. Bitsetting with +r disks will greatlly improve compatibility with stand alone players.

For my Dad’s uses, do you think any of the Fuji 8X +R / -R would be fine for an NEC-3500A?

8x +r yes, 8x -r I don’t know (I’m not farmiliar enough with -r media to say since there are diffrent disks the -r may be). Perhaps someone else could coment on that, And like I said, if the +r do not play on his standalone player, check the nec forums on how he can bitset his drive. All bitsetting does is makes the disk identify itself to the player as a dvd-rom (like a prerecorded movie). Some players are capable of playing +r but do not recognise the +r disk so it doesn’t even try. Bitsetting fixes that.

newbie question:

Should any -R DVDR play in any standalone DVD player?

For the most part, DVD-R plays in more older devices than non-bitset DVD+R. But one can never say “any”.