12/10A Buffer Problem?

hi i have the plextor 12/10/32A as you can see. Ive been able to burn cds with programs running in background thanks to burn-proof, and even then the Nero Buffer bar never seems to dip below 90. Recently after a format it seems as if i cant keep the bar to be steady. i just burnt 2 cds, each consisting of one huge movie file, and though it should take about 6-7minutes it took about 10 because itd get really low, stop to read, then start again. this problem has never been so bad, and it was after a fresh startup. Maybe its just this once and i should see how it does in a few days? or is something wrong with it?

thank you for any and all help.

You have probably forgot to enable DMA for your CD-Devices.

Device manager -->Check all your CD-Devices—>DMA should be ticked for all.


Device manager–>under ide controllers–> check both ide-channels. Check that all units is set to “DMA if availible” and NOT “PIO only”.

im not at my hosue right now but when i get home ill make sure it selected. i had it since before my format, just forgot, or maybe i thoguht itd still be selected, in aither case. thanks for the help.