12/10/32A went to PIO all of a sudden

Can anyone please help me with this? My Plexwriter 12/10/32A is now on PIO Mode, and I can’t set it to DMA anymore.

My “Advanced Settings” tab in the Secondary IDE Channel icon in Device Manager displays “DMA if available”. However, only “PIO Mode” appears in the “Current transfer mode” box.

It’s been already three days since this behavior started, for no apparent reason. Has anyone ever seen something like that?

Unfortunatelly it’s a common problem seen in Windows XP. The OS can sometimes drop DMA and set your drive back to PIO mode 4. The best way to re-enable DMA, I’ve found, is to uninstall your Secundary IDE-channel (and by this I of course mean the IDE-channel your Plextor drive is hooked up to) and then restart Windows XP. The system will re-install the IDE-channel and hopefully re-enable DMA. This problem has been reported many times. Some search results. Good luck!

Thanks, man. It worked like a charm.

Sorry I didn’t search well enough for previous posts on the subject. :slight_smile: