12/10/32a ver 1.7 &clonyxxl

i had problems with copying c&c renegade using clony ver4 so i had a look around for some advice and found that a lot of people had the same prob.some1 said it was due too my firmware being later than ver1.05 so i got the ver 1.01 but it wouldnt downgrade so i got clonyxxl and as if by miricle iv got a working backup of renegade it took about 50min too write at 4x but it was well worth it.so if your also having probs try clonyxxl

using 1.07 firmware with AWS enabled, renegade burns fine, as a backup for my original cds.

Make sure your regional settings is not USA as AWS would not be enabled. Also make sure the clonecdtray is running when u run the game, or it wont work.

thanx for the reply iv since had some problems with the disk 1 it keeps asking for the cd to be inserted so it seems the disk no longer works,what could have caused this?

Hide CDR Media in the CloneCD tray ?
Try reading the links in my signature for some handy info!

The game runs from “DISK 2” try sticking that in not disk 1, also does the original work ? as I have a toshiba combo drive that has difficulty with the protection on renegade with the original…I have to shut the pc down with the disk in the drive and then re boot to get it to work.

can u please tell me what aws enabled means

AWS= Amplify Weak Sectors. An option in CloneCD to correctly burn certain sectors containing regular bit patterns, which are difficult to interpret by many writer’s burn algorythms. Part of the SafeDisc2 CD copy protcetion designed to confuse writer logic.

Oh… I just noticed you’re from the UK. IIRC, the AWS option is greyed out in the UK, US Australia and Japan for legal reasons, because the process in effect modifies the data of the original disk so the copy is not ‘true’ anymore, but rather ‘hacked’, which is of course illegal.

Actually these options are only disabled for the US and Japan. They do work in the UK (it was first disabled but this was changed in later CloneCD versions). Besides that you can enable it with this tool if necessary :wink:

thanx for the help every1 but my trial version of clone cd4 has just expired so i will have to wait until pay day to register it and get it working again until then il have to just play the games iv been backing up