12/10/32A SD2 Copies not only readable in writer

I just posted the article 12/10/32A SD2 Copies not only readable in writer.

Ragnarok used our newssubmit to tell us this little fine thing about the readability of SD2 backupped discs with a 12/10/32A by Plextor…

I tested it many times with many Games (Black & White;…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1697-12_10_32A-SD2-Copies-not-only-readable-in-writer.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/1697-12_10_32A-SD2-Copies-not-only-readable-in-writer.html)

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Why why why? Why the hell do we keep having SD2 it will copy but works in this burner or in that burner? Get a list of compatible burners, and buy one for christ sake, this is old, old, old news. Until their is a miracle for this problem then it is still a problem, End of story

What we need is someone to make a hacked firmware for the damn chipsets to allow RAW writing. :d Problem solve I think :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info dee-ehn :slight_smile:

Whats the story with the 16x PLexWriter? :o

Hey nuke001, that’s not TRUE - it’s definately no firmware-problem and has nothing to do with RAW-writing. SD2 protected discs can ALL be copied in reading/writing RAW16 not RAW96 and btw. ALMOST EVERY Plextor reads/writes RAW - I got 4 of them(!) and ALL read & write RAW16/96 perfectly. It’s a problem of the SANYO Chipsets - if you copy a disc all data have to pass the EFM-Encoder of the Recorder and that’s the weak point - (my opinion!) the data get’s modified because Macrovision must have changed the structure of the disc and most of the Recorders seem to correct this “regular bit-patterns”. Try to trick that Encoder - I don’t know if it can be solved by a simple firmware update… but don’t believe so. Get an IOMEGA ZipCD 8432 - copies SD2 LIKE HELL :4

Hey, BurnArchive Does the Iomega ZipCD 8432 makes SD2 copies able to be run on other CD Players? :8? Not like the Plextors where it can only be read by only the writer.

Well for 100% :d on my “test’s” I’ve had a try on several titles like RA2, Hitman, IGI, DFLW, NOLF, … how I said - Iomega 8432 get’s it but can’t copy SecuROM - first choice therefor is still Plextor (known to produce the REAL BEST RAW-Drives!)

Philips CDRW800 series can produce SD2 copies that work in any drive. However, some CDs may not work in some drives due to SD2 program limitations with some CD drives. If you have trouble getting a copy to work in a certain drive, you should try the original to verify that it is not a SD2 compatibility problem instead of blaming the burner. :wink: