11th september & Israel

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Hi guys,

First of all I like to tell you,that I think that this kind of messages don’t belong here.

But the reactions on the 11th sept.wil force me…

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Well, I for one haven’t even heard about this. I am just as outraged as for the September 11th. I believe that the news just doesn’t cover foreign affairs as well.

Here in Europe(Denmark) it has been extensively in the news and this morning another bombing occured in Isreal I think it insane how much these people are killing/hurting/bombing each other :c :r :c :r :c :c :c

Yes OK but what can we do about is. I live in the Netherlands and here people are watching the news a lot. But both sides are the same :wink:

warring for peace is like raping for virginity. :r with america fighting back they are not any different than the supposed terrorists who struck first, they are terrorizing other innocent people. :frowning:

There is a huge difference between the terrorist attack and the Israel Palestina conflict, they only have one thing in common, they are both horrible. CD Freaks has 25% US visitors, and if I feel I have to post it, I will do so. The terrorist attack came out of the blue and killed thousands of innocent people, altough in Palestina there are also killed innocent people there has never been an attack of this size. There is so much pain, war and other bad things in this world, we could posts thousands of them every day, we just choose to pick the ones that are really really big, like the attack on september 11th, take a look at your TV today, and see the difference, are they broadcasting 24/7 about something else now ? NO…

i’d like to stop these off topic.

These off topic subjects are too sensative. if perhaps CDFREAKS wants to do an editorial and not have the ability for ppl to post replies I think that would be better.

Alright Geezerz ! Yep - I agree wiv StrooperMan + HPolimar . . Get wiv da programme and stop goin’ off topic - cum to fink of it, how ‘bout a few more topix . . afterall, there must be a whole lotta hacking and cracking shit goin’ down out there. Sorry bwoyz but itz time to buck ya ideas up ! If ya stopped acting like pussiez and allowed people to talk all kinda shit 'bout crackz etc etc - ya’d 'ave loadz more material (I wreckon). Laterz … . :4

I think that it is rather interesting that the all of the sudden ever violent act is deemed an act of terrorism. Fisrt off let me start by saying that the Isreali’s are not any better then the Taliban. They are firing missles at people who can only afford to throw rocks (that they had to get a loan to buy). Also it was the USA (along with other nations in the background) who recently told Isreal to stop attacking the Palestine. Yes I agree that violence is bad, like icefired said “warring for peace is like raping for virginity”. But let us not forget the time that Isrealies went into a Mosque and started firing at Muslims that were praying (I am an Arabian Musilm living in the USA, and I can tell you that non of those who were praying moved, because when you are praying nothing else should divert your attention. Not even a murder that occurred right next to you). Also no one seems to here about or mourn when Palestinans are the ones being assaulted. Did you know that a recent study showed 23% of Palestine’s female population were raped by Isreal’s soldier. Then they were either murdered or returned to there families, and that about 1/3 of the females that returned to there families then committed suicide because of what occurred, or they were pregnant. The message that I am trying to get through here is that no one person is right. There is always be problems I just wish that it did not involve innocent people (on both sides). All this fighting over land, and who has a religious right to it…maybe that region of the world should be turned into a souviern state like the Vatican. One last thing. It difficult being an Arabian Muslim in the USA now days. I am getting harrassed, and have already been in two physical altercations because idiots that think that I am a terrorist…I pay my taxes, which in turn supports America, who then supports the lazy ass welfar bums that I get into it with. People are attacking muslims, middle easterners, and anyone that looks middle easter. No one decide that they were going to attack christian, or catholics for blowing up abortion clinics (and killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the process). Another interesting fact is that more people have died in abortion clinic bomings then in the sept. 11th tragety. One seems to think that it is an act of terrorism that abortion clinic doctors have there name on a web page that points them out to be the next ones to be either murdered, or wounded. No one decided to go out and hunt down caucasian in retaliation to what Timoty Mc Vay did…Do you how there are all these double standards…All I am trying to say is that this is a FUCKED UP time that we are living in. Maybe I should move from the USA to Itay, Rome, Eroupe, Suadi Arabia or Dubia…I here that it is safer in those areas.

It should not matter if 5000 people die, or if just one single person dies. Neither one is more significant than the other. In each case, a child of God dies. We are all children of God, God loves all of us equally. There are always going to be the fanatics, there will be people who claim to be Christians, but then kill abortion doctors. This is not the Christian way. Just because an abortion doctor is committing murder does not mean that he deserves to be killed. We are not to judge them. We are to love our enemies, and the last time I checked, loving does not mean killing. I am a Canadian, and have seen the effects of September 11. America is mad, and they are reacting out of anger…and rightfully so perhaps. We should not stand idly by and allow acts of terrorism to occur. Israel is in the same boat. They are surrounded by arab nations, all of whom hate them. However, they are God’s people…God promised Moses that he would always watch over and protect them. Jesus was first sent to the Jews, and when they did not want to listen, he seeked out the Gentiles, but there will come a day when the Jewish people realize the wrongs of their ways, and return to favour with their God. The point I am trying to make is this. It doesn’t matter what faith or religion you practice, there is only 1 God…and one son of God…Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter if you believe this or not, the only way to Heaven is through Christ Jesus. It doesn’t matter where you started in the race, it only matters that you finish and when the second coming of Christ arrives, then and only then will you know if you were actually running the right race because you can only go to 1 of 2 places…Heaven or hell. It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love you or that God didn’t love you if you end up going to hell instead of to Heaven. In fact, God loves you so much that He gives you the right to choose. He won’t make you go to Heaven…therefore he won’t make you follow the Christian faith…but He will allow you to decide for yourself, how much more loving could He possibly be? If you think about it, the most powerful nation in the world is the United States of America…and why? Probably because of the fact that they contain the largest number of Christians in the world…take that to the next level, and consider the fact that any country that receives the favour of the USA (ie, Canada, Japan, Great Britain)are also extremely wealthy countries. It’s all in the Bible people, pick one up today and open your eyes to the truth.

I’m sorry people, but you need to all settle down. What happened on Sept 11th, should never have happened, nor anything that is going on now. Everyone should be in peace, but it’s a dream that will never come true. Terrorism is wrong no matter what, and retaliation is not terrorism. Its a way of getting rid of terrorist organizations but seeking them out through the most reliable place to find them : Afghanistan. Everyone makes comments about the USA no matter what it does, but in reality, many of you are jealous of what the United States can provide to its citizens. If it were not for the strong-fisted USA, you probably would be dead already, killed by idiotic monsters whose religion is so skewed, they find it reasonable to blow themselves up, plot the deaths of thousands of civilians who did NOTHING, and plan out such horrific attacks in the name of their God. Well guess what, I do not believe in the same God. I standby the USA, not only as a citizen, but as someone who has grown to understand the jealousy of the rest of the world towards the USA. We may have made our mistakes by intervening in things over the years, but we were doing so not for our benefit, but because of our leadership that has literally made this the strongest country in the world. Not money, education, or resources, but the overall goodwill of the people and their need and want for peace. Regardless, if terrorism is not fought, then it will always be. This will all continue. It must stop, and it’s about time someone stood up (like the US) and did something about it. I’m sorry many of the other countries of the world, in Europe too, are sitting back and let the US do all the work.

And it’s holiday time, so it’s time to pray for those that are lost, those defending their countries. Peace will never come for everyone, but at least we can pray for it, to whomever we believe in.

De_VoTiOn, I’m also canadian. I’m a buddhist. I agree with most of what you said (that we’re all gods children), but you have to be a little more open minded about all religions and not just christianity. Even though I was brought up as a buddhist, I was taught that all religions have their significance and was taught not to think that my religion is any better than the others. God does not love the USA more cause there are more christians living there. I know many buddhists, christians, jews and muslims that are equally wealthy.

No one said he loves the USA more. I feel for everyone, not just those of the Christian religion. Wealth has nothing to do with God.

“No one said he loves the USA more. I feel for everyone, not just those of the Christian religion. Wealth has nothing to do with God.” That’s what I was trying to get across.

I understand everybodies concerns, but people, its more than 'logic’that man kills man. In the whole history we have not done anything else, so what’s the problem. The whole community has double standards, we glorify each others image but deny each others flesh and blood. We speak of justice, but in the proces we kill innocents. So my question to all of you is this: Is man not an animal pretending to be human? Just think about it for a minute…

Thank you guys,for your discussions. That whas the purpos of my posting. Slaine.

Religion is the cause --------------------- Why are so many people brainwashed with religion ? Poor and uneducated people have been manipulated using this method of mass control of population. Read some Carl Jung.

O2, please name me one nation that consists primarily of people who practice the Buddhist, Muslim or Jewish faiths that are wealthier than the U.S.A. I am not saying that I am not open and understanding of other peoples faiths. I realize that different people will have differing views than myself, and my point is that I do not feel that I need to run out and terrorize or kill those people because of that. My original point however still stands. There is only one God, and one path…