115L Slow Read Speed (4x) Already Patched With MCSE and DMA Mode 4 Enabled

hi guys, sorry to ask 4 help but i have already try all and this still going wrong…

Brand New Drive 115L Read Speed 4x

I use that to make “on the fly” 1:1 backups…

In my home PC runs like a charm, here cant get more of 4x read speed so the recording session falls to that speed obviously

Ultra DMA Mode 4 (ENABLED)

Brand New Cable (OK)

115L Firmware Patched With MCSE (OK)

Using alcohol 120% “on the fly” (2 Different Version Tried)

What must i do ? :sad:

I have a patched firmware in the other PC that i can use but in this case i need a tool to save the firmware from DVD-RW to HD :frowning: (I haven’t)

I already look in open threads without results… that’s the reason i’m posting here and i hope somebody can help me… THANKS :bow:

You cannot “save” the firmware from the burner.

OTF copying is only useful with good and unencrypted media/content.

What have you used?

By any chance is the second rom on the same ide channel?