115d only drive that can't read disk

I recently replaced my old cd & dvd with a pioneer 115d as master & a lg h55nk as slave.

I have this verbatim +rw disk I burned on my sony usb 840u which I’ve been watching just fine on my

philips dvd player. I popped it into the pioneer to copy it to a +r disc & it wouldn’t read it. All

the other drives read it fine.

I haven’t had the pioneer long enough to really test it but, so far, it burns & reads other discs

I’ve tried ok.

I did just update to the latest firmware yesterday.

I’m wondering if there could be a problem with the pioneer or if the disc is marginal.

Are pioneers known to be weak in reading marginal discs? It bothers me that 3 of the 4

players/burners can read it & the pioneer can’t.

I’m running xp pro.

Make a copy with your old drive, on Ricoh RW media preferably.