115D: MCSE Strategy Swaps Working?...not for me

I just got the 115D a few days ago. Got it with 1.13 firmware and flashed it to 1.18 with the official release.

I’ve tried using MCSE to try the MCC004 strategy for MCC003. MCSE shows the MCC004 speeds available for MCC003 after reloading the patched firmware into MCSE. Flashing the drive works fine after using MCSE to patch the Pioneer firmware loader. However, the 115D still only shows 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x write speeds for MCC003 with CD-DVD Speed, IMgBurn and DVD InfoPro. I’ve also tried using the Maxell003 strategy for MCC003 with no luck.

Has anybody managed to change any 115D strategies successfully with MCSE v At least one other member has reported the same issue (different swap attempted) in the MCSE thread in this forum.

I am able to get the bitsetting and riplock removal working so I’m doing at least some/most/all(???) of this right.

I’ve also noticed that MCSE reports 2.4x available with MCC003 but no other programs show it available even with the stock 1.18 firmware.