115d ideal speed for TY cd-r & TYG02?

My 109 is starting to have problems, it only burns TYG02 at 4x and although the device buffer is fine when burning TY cd-r at 16x, I can begin to see a darker shade at the beginning of a burnt cd - my vintage pcdp has trouble picking up the cd. So I just ordered a 115d and I was wondering what are the ideal burning speed for those medias? I used to burn TYG02 at 8x and TY cd-r at 16x, are these the best choices with the 115d? I don’t care about speed only quality. Oh and I know I should probably get a separate burner for cd-r but I’m too cheap for that :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d burn any CD-R at 16x or 24x on a Pioneer 111/112/115 including Taiyo Yuden.

I suggest burning TYG02 at 12x in the Pioneers, although 8x can sometimes produce slightly better burns.

Thanks :slight_smile: