112L, where is the new firmware?



Anyone know how long it usually takes Buffalo to release the firmware after Pioneer does? Every other model but the 112L has the new .15 firmware


The only way to find out would be to contact them…or you can wait. :rolleyes:


Do they have an english site for download of Firmware? I dont think so as I have searched.
Guess I have to wait. :confused:


You cannot find it because its not released (yet).


I meant an english web site to download buffalo firmware. :slight_smile:




Thanks but that site is not in English. :disagree:


Click on “D” and select DVM-RXG18xx. And then click on " DVM-RXG18xxxxx" (the first one). It’s still 8.09 though as you know.


BUFFALO is not releasing anything similar to the englishmarket.


The last firm is the 8.09, it’s true??

We wait the 8.15 in the next day (or week :D)


Thanks, this is what I needed to know so that when 8.15 is released I can get it.


You are welcome. Here is the direct link.


If you scroll down the page, you’ll see “Download”. :slight_smile:


Thanks, any idea how long that usually take from the time Pioneer issues a new firmware until they issue their version? I sure wish Pioneer would allow +R SL bitsetting




Can take from two weeks to two months. Ocasionally they skip a version, but I don’t think they will this time. :slight_smile:

I’m also waiting for this release, let us all know when its available nick!